Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Backstories are hot

One of the things I’ve loved the most about curating our very first #realworldsex videos has been the sheer joy I’ve experienced every time one of our #makelovenotpornstars submits a work. And, being the lucky lady that I am, I’ve often had the privilege of knowing a little bit of the backstory behind each work that makes watching it all the more enjoyable.

And of course, the team really wanted you, the user, to also reach that level of enjoyment (heh).

So, we created a space for each #makelovenotpornstar to upload a video separate from their main work. A place where you would be able to introduce your #realworldsex videos and point out something that was particularly juicy about your #realworldsex experience.

Not only that, but these intro videos are available as “previews” of your #realworldsex videos themselves, allowing users to view these ‘trailers’ for free and learn a little bit more about your work before they rent it.

While not every #realworldsex video currently on has an intro video, we think they should. Because, well, they kick ass. Check out the gold standard for intro videos below starring #makelovenotpornstars AND real-life pornstars – and real-life couple – Lily Labeau and Danny Wylde.

Didn’t that just rule?

When you submit your own #realworldsex video, be sure to include an intro video of your own. We call them ‘context’, and it’s part of what we mean by ‘contextualizing’ your submissions. Backstories are HOT!. You’ll be sure to gain more rentals, more #realworld cash and much admiration not only from the community but also from me, Madam Curator!


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