Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Venimus, vidimus, vorabamus: SXSW2013

you wanna?

The team was in da SXSW hizzouse in full force this year to support Cindy’s featured talk on “The Future of Porn”.  Except for Cindy, it was the first time any of us had attended SXSW Interactive and if we learned one thing, we learned this:  “Spring Break for Nerds” is not for the faint of heart or liver.*  It is a sprawling, pulsing, spirited mess dripping with hormones and bourbon and beer… and that is even before you get to the talks and panels and industry events.

We were (fairly) well behaved in advance of the talk, and found lots of interest in and appreciation for what we are trying to do with  Below is a short interview we gave to Tech Cocktail on this topic:

As we’ve said before, the whole purpose of MakeLoveNotPorn is to inspire an open and healthy dialog about sex, and it was to this end that we created the stickers (shown in the video, as well as at the top of this post).  The stickers could be used to IRL ‘tag’ someone who you think is hot and who you’d like to MakeLoveNotPorn with (and film it, ‘natch).  They are a playful way of opening up about one of the unspoken but oft giggled about motivations around SXSW – which is to hook up.  This was also the premise for our collaborating with Bang With Friends, who were handing out branded condoms as a sort of one-two punch:    People say to us, ‘I really want to submit a #realworldsex video to, but I have to find someone to do it with.’  Guess what?  BWF is the answer.

The Future of Porn

Cindy’s talk was held in one of the main ballrooms – and the line to get in was gratifyingly long, given that Al Gore and Neil Gaiman were speaking at the same time (in response to which Cindy tweeted, “At 3.30pm today, don’t do @algore, do me. As it were.  #SXSW #futureporn“, to the great reTweeting amusement of many a follower).

After a somewhat tremulous introduction by yours truly, Cindy brought down the house, covering everything from the origins of as well as the difficulties we’ve had building this venture in the face of every obstacle the business world can throw at us.  She also spoke about why she now champions every other entrepreneur who wants to change the world through sex, and why she believes the answer is not to close down and repress, but to open up, something she covered in greater detail in this piece for the Independent, “It’s not that porn degrades women, it’s that business degrades porn.”

Score 1 for having the conversation

The talk went down a storm, with great questions from the audiences and conversations that continued as we made our way from the ballroom.  In the ensuing minutes/hours/days we realized that the buzz was not dying down and that the talk was roundly considered to be one of *the* best talks of all of SXSW 2013.  Our favorite tweet to this effect:

My pedicab driver last night asked if I saw @cindygallop speak at #sxsw & we talked abt future of porn. Buzz on the streets! via @anitasvv

Happily, this attention & appreciation extended to the media, were we got some good coverage on, USAToday, Le Monde and Campaign Brief.


With the talk over, it was time to get down with some serious socializing <cough> networking, which we did with great gusto and from which we are only just now recovering.

Will we go again next year?  Who’s to say?  The talk got us a great deal of visibility and sign-ups, and we made some great contacts as well who will (hopefully) be able to help us with some of our more persistent banking and payments related challenges.  Stay tuned…

* We also learned that if you dress with as much flair as Sarah Beall (aka Madam Curator) that you will be photographed and exclaimed over wherever you go, never have to pay for a drink, and get invited to all the good parties.

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