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What Is #realworldsex? The First In An Occasional Series

A question I get asked a lot is, ‘What do you mean when you say is #realworldsex? Aren’t you just another amateur porn site?’

Well – no.

Here’s a personal perspective on some examples of what I envisaged as #realworldsex when I originally began concepting the whole idea of I stress ‘examples’, because actually, is an experiment. We’re building the platform and putting it out there, and we haven’t the faintest idea what we’re going to get back. YOU – the world, our community, our wonderful MakeLoveNotPornstars – are showing us, by sharing your very own #realworldsex with us.

This is just the kind of thing I mean when I reference #realworldsex.

  • #realworldsex is funny. If you can’t laugh at yourselves when you’re having sex, when can you? The same ridiculous shit happens to all of us – but we often don’t realize that because we don’t tend to share; it’s more ‘OMG what happened last night was so excruciatingly embarrassing I can never talk about it to anyone ever!’ Like…. the nightmare putting the condom on. In theory, it’s one smooth seamless act; in practice, we all know it doesn’t happen like that – and when it doesn’t, things go soft, the moment passes, encounters get derailed. Queefing, fanny farts? Everyone does it. Nothing to be ashamed of. Hit us with the outtakes! We want the sexual equivalent of America’s Funniest Home Videos on !
  • #realworldsex is messy. You think porn’s dirty? Porn actually sanitizes sex. Porn’s very clean, compared to #realworldsex. Nobody has hair.  You never see anyone using lube, even though they get through gallons on set. You don’t see any of those nice, fun, messy things that happen in the real world. So we welcome stuff like period sex. You don’t see that in porn – and as a result too many young men and women actually think you can’t have sex during your period. But it’s when we women are at our horniest, and it’s fab. We’d love to see your great period sex.
  • #realworldsex is responsible. In straight porn, there are no condoms. Or if there are, and this goes for gay porn too..suddenly the condom’s on! Jumpcut! Where did that come from?!  Well, we want to see your hottest, most arousing #realworldsex videos actively competing to eroticize condom usage. What’s the hottest way you can introduce a condom into the action? Put it on? Take it off? Dispose of it? I have sex with condoms all the time. I want to watch my kind of sex – plus I want creative ideas for those awkward condom moments we all encounter. wants to fill the gap out there between no-condom porn, and death-disease-and-disaster-prevention condom sex ed, with #condomhot #realworldsex – because if more of us had more creative ideas on how to make using condoms hot and arousing, there’d be a lot more safe sex happening, a lot less STDs, and a lot less unwanted pregnancies. The condom brands have it all wrong with their messaging: reliability is a given.  All anyone ever really wants to know is that condoms won’t get in the way of great sex.  So please – hit us with those MakeCondomHotLoveNotPorn submissions and show us!
  • #realworldsex is lazy. You know that thing when you and your loved one have had a long hard day? You’re both lying in bed at the end of that long hard day, totally knackered…..but really horny? You want to get off……you don’t want to have to lift a finger to do it. Well, in the real world, that’s when you have ‘sleepy sex’ – or ‘lazy person sex’, which is our MadamCurator Sarah and her husband Jon’s term for it. There are many hot creative ways to MakeLazyPersonLoveNotPorn – and we want to see them all. You don’t have to rock it like a pornstar every time!

Because we are an experiment, we’re learning all the time ourselves about our own reactions to #realworldsex, as we view what you send us. Our very first #realworldsex submission ever was from MakeLoveNotPornstars BZandGloria – 30 or so minutes of very hot straight sex. As I was watching it, I found I couldn’t stop looking at Gloria’s face. That’s because she was loving it. She was so aroused, she was so turned on, she looked adorable how much she was enjoying it. Regardless of how hot the rest of the action in frame was, I found myself fixated on her face – because we rarely see faces and expressions like that in porn.

UK magazine EasyLiving published an article in its February issue by a woman who volunteered to make a #realworldsex video with her husband, submit it to us and write about the experience. Check out that video by HavingFun – it’s great. She told us: ‘Making the film was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and a fabulously bonding experience with my husband. I think you’re really on to something.’  We were fascinated – we didn’t realize when we started this venture, that the actual process of making a #realworldsex video for could in itself be relationship-transforming. We’d love to hear from you what your experience is when you submit!

What this means, is that doesn’t play quite the same role as porn. We’re not simply masturbatory material (although of course we are very happily that too). We are a fascinating glimpse into the real, raw, intimate sex lives of real people. One of our members, a man who’s obviously watched a lot of porn, told us,

‘When I watch your videos, I feel I’ve never seen people have sex before.’

Another man summed up what we’re all about perfectly when he told us,

‘Watching porn makes me want to jerk off. Watching your videos makes me want to have sex.’

So…that’s my take on #realworldsex. Next post up, MadamCurator will be talking specifically about the #realworldsex judgements we apply when we curate the wonderful videos you send us. Plus we want to hear from you what you consider #realworldsex – we’re learning all the time, together.

10 Responses to “What Is #realworldsex? The First In An Occasional Series”

  1. Jess

    I have been following MLNP since it’s conception and as a teacher at high schools in the UK, it fits in perfectly with the Real Sex Education strategy I am drawing up. Witnessing children who’s introduction to sex is through hardcore, often violent porn, where women are not genuinely aroused has made me realise what a huge impact this has on their sense of self, how they think they “should” look and behave sexually and how they treat members of the opposite sex. MLNP is a desperately needed, honest response to the unprecedented new age that we’ve found ourselves in and I salute all involved and hope we can work together in the future.


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