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How we spent our #realworldsex earnings – a guest post from MLNPstars bilikesscifi

Ever wonder what our makelovenotpornstars do with all the cold hard #realworldcash they make sharing their #realworldsex on  MLNPstars bilikesscifi break it down for us.

We made some money!

Several months ago we posted two videos on We liked this project and wanted to support it for several reasons. We love that its a start-up (yay entrepreneurs!) that focuses on real world sex. A lot of porn (not all, but a LOT) is staged and artificial. A major reason I don’t like porn is that the women are so often forgotten – they are there strictly to give pleasure, not be a part of it.

We love how is more than just amateur porn. It’s sex – just how it happens every day, whevere you film.
And a big bonus: it shares 50% of the profits with the submitters! These are paid out quarterly and we received our first payment a couple of weeks ago. We were pleasantly surprised that the amount was enough so we could fulfill our wish of buying a decent video camera (we’ve been using a 5 year old point and shoot).

Here’s how we’ve spent our money:
60% on a video camera, tripod, and new SD memory card
13% on a new Wii game (Super Mario Bros) to play together
7% to charity or good causes (we chose for this quarter)
6% each to spend how we like (he chose a Skyrim extension, mine is TBD still)
5% to save for our wedding tour
4% to use on MakeLoveNotPorn to support other artists

We’re so excited to do more. More videos and more real world sex to share. Stay tuned… more to come!

Re-posted with permission from A Tale of Bi and Bi. Follow them on twitter and tumblr.

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