I agree with Dale 100%. We live in a society where sex is all around us; twisted into a singular image, and where people are so reluctant to talk about how diverse sex can truly be. People are scared of sex. We’ve lost sight of who we truly are, and being forced to cover ourselves up makes us feel ashamed of our bodies. Women are forced to cover their nipples, while men can walk around with them free. This makes women’s breasts enter that state of: these shouldn’t be exposed, but because of this mind-set you want them more.

Penises are another thing. Along with women’s breasts, men are expected to have large penises, and both can lower self-esteem when the norm’ for porn is larger than average. People come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s sad to think that people live with this warped mind-set of a false reality. I look forward to a world where people can get naked and nobody cares, but this probably won’t happen in my life-time. Another thing I look forward to is when the standard ideal of beauty is demolished, and when everyone can realize that the only ideals that will matter are the ones we set for ourselves.