Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Superwoman Cindy Gallop / Refinery 29

Written by Kelly Bourdet for Refinery 29.  Originally published on June 16th, 2014. co-founder and CEO Cindy Gallop was recently was interviewed in depth for Refinery 29. Here is an excerpt from the thought provoking and engaging conversation and a preview of the amazing photographs that are featured on the site! 





Do you view Make Love Not Porn as a sex-positive space? Do you use that term, sex positivity?
“I don’t use the term sex positivity myself because it implies it is possible to be sex-negative. And, I don’t think anybody should be.”

Sex and porn, these are fraught subjects. What’s the immediate reaction you normally get, when you tell strangers about what you do?
“Well, I have to tell you, contrary to what a lot of people think, I’ve had nothing but universally positive responses to this initiative. When I explain exactly why Make Love Not Porn exists, why we’re doing what we’re doing, nobody can argue with it. Increasingly, people have heard about it — it’s very nice, because it shows that we are taking hold in the public consciousness. Everybody is instantly fascinated; everybody wants to know more.”


So, it seems the mission of Make Love Not Porn is to present real-world sex — real people having sex in a way that isn’t so divorced from reality as pornography can sometimes be. If that were more prevalent, how do you think it would change the culture of sexuality?


“First of all, let me clarify: Our mission at Make Love Not Porn is purely and simply to help make it easier to just talk about sex in the real world. Obviously, how that manifests itself is through a video-sharing platform that celebrates real-world sex, but that’s about actually helping to drive an environment wherein we are making real-world sex socially acceptable and socially shareable.

One of the things we say is that we’re not porn, but we’re also not ‘amateur,’ because we don’t play the same role as porn, and we’re not setting out to play the same role as porn. There was a particular young man who summed it up when he said, ‘Watching porn makes me want to jerk off. Watching your videos makes me want to have sex.’”


Read the rest of the interview and admire Cindy in more photographs here!

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