Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Take a stand for #realworldsex: share your #afterrealworldsexselfies!


Hello darling community!

I come to you with a proposition:

If any of you frequent the world of Instagram, you may have seen a trend of #AfterSexselfie photos. Using this as inspiration, would like to start a new trend: the #afterrealworldsexselfie. It’s a great way to show your allegiance to the Make Love Not Porn movement without having to post a video on the site (yet). Also, as your membership with already puts you in the #goodinbed, #realworldsexaware category, we’d love if you could spread the word by participating in this little campaign.

Contrary to the sentiment expressed in of some of the initial coverage of #AfterSexselfies, we think #afterrealworldsexselfies are a great way to spark a healthy dialogue around sex and to celebrate the fact that #realworldsex isn’t exactly over as soon as everyone’s had their orgasm. We truly believe that the cuddling, eating, showering, or whatever it is that you do after #realworldsex is also part of the fun! Also, it’s usually a bit messy, and you know how much we like that!

Snap a photo of yourselves after some #realworldromping, tag it as #afterrealworldsexselfie, and post it on Instagram! (Twitter works too if you don’t have an Instagram, or you can e-mail us your photo and we’ll post it for you!). The photo you take can be as creative as you want – it can simply be a classic selfie, or it can be of your feet, your wrinkled sheets, or of you enjoying some post-sex ice cream in the kitchen. And feel free to share your glow after some #realworldsolosex as well!

Here’s a couple of samples to tickle your fancy! Simply click on an individual photo for gallery view:

 Thanks for your help! Looking forward to seeing your snapshots! We plan to share our faves in upcoming member emails, so get crackin’!

Yours in #realworldsexsolidarity,

Sarah and the team

P.S. Did you know we’re also on tumblr or that many of our MLNPstars are on twitter? Follow away, we say!

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