Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Introducing our brand new MLNPstars, TIGERLILY!


Hi everyone, ­

We’re new to the site, and we would very much like to introduce ourselves!

My husband is Tiger and I’m Lily, so together we’re TIGERLILY (after one of my favorite flowers). We have been together for nearly 6 years and married for just over 2 of them. We have always had a great sex life, right from the very start, and in spite of having 5 children between us, nothing much has changed (except that it doesn’t happen quite as often as it did in the beginning!). When it does though, it is still very special.

We consider ourselves to be soul mates and best friends as well as lovers, and the emotional connection that we share means that when we do make love, it is just that ­ making love, and not just sex (or anything porny).

Just recently, due to the size of our family, we have had our loft (attic for our American viewers) converted to make a fourth bedroom. It is not finished yet, the decorating is still being done, but in the middle of all of that, on a rare night when the children were all staying with their grandparents, we decided to take advantage of our time alone, and ‘christen’ the new room! So, with nothing but an inflatable double bed, a few tins of paint and a stepladder, we got busy and let the cameras roll. We really hope that you will enjoy our video. ­We fully support everything that MLNP is all about, and hope that you will agree that what you see is exactly that – ­ 30 minutes of a married couple making love, not porn!

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