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Spread out over time, those videos cover a lot of our life together: Violet + Rye on why sharing their #realworldsex is as important as ever

By MLNPstars  Violet + Rye

After wrapping up editing on these last two videos, we took a little trip to the past and reviewed the (lucky) 13 videos we’ve made for MakeLoveNotPorn since the launch all those years ago (congrats on another year older!).

13 videos is a lot of videos. Spread out over time, those videos cover a lot of our life together.


Going through the collection, we know what was happening around the time we made them. Certain things we don’t really share with people on this blog, but let’s just say there were a few different apartments, multiple cities, a vacation or two and some rather massive life events in between them. New jobs, old jobs, surgery, recovery, and now a totally new life all together. Like a yearbook of sex.

Our life looks a lot different than it did when we started submitting videos to MakeLoveNotPorn. We’re older for starters. We’re in a new place. We’re in business together. We’re seeing each other a lot more. And we’re able to contribute a lot less. But overall, this aspect of our life together is an important one to us, so there’s a tether still keeps us clinging on.

Making these new videos felt great. Like riding a bike we’d left to gather rust in the backyard. It took a minute to shake it off. To figure out if we still even knew how to make a good video. To have the kind of sex that involves one of us holding a camera.

Don’t worry, the answer is yes.


These new videos are important, as the kind of sex we have now can often be rushed. We spend a lot of time together now, no longer are we just hanging out for one day a week. We had nights before, and a weekend day, so those moments you long for and cherish and make last. Now, it’s the day to day, which you can take for granted. We’re aware of that trap, and as is always the case, we have an open dialogue about it. If sex feels not frequent enough, not considered enough, not lingering enough, not prioritized enough, it’s talked about. So to make these videos, to set aside the time to really linger, to really appreciate, to focus on legs and arms and hair and lips and subtleties and hushed sounds is important.

If you’ve never made a video with your partner, we can’t recommend it enough. But don’t just put a camera in a corner. Use it. Hold it. Move with it. Watch as you film. Take your partner in, focus on the details, focus on the breathing, focus on the silences, focus on the little hairs, the eyes open eyes closed eyes open eyes really open. It’s not just capturing a moment, it’s capturing what words can’t capture about the moment.


It’s an opportunity to show other people what you see when you look at the one (or ones!) you care about. And when you’re done, submit it. Or don’t submit it. Keep it close, but at least consider sharing it. Because the world needs more of this kind of affection, unbridled emotion and love.

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