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Well, 2014 was quite the year.

It was a great year, in that we welcomed many more of you wonderful members and MakeLoveNotPornstars into our community.

It was a difficult year, because for that encouraging reason – ongoing membership growth – discouraging things happened, in the form of technical glitches and problems streaming videos for many of you.  Those same problems carried over into our video submissions process, which meant equally frustrating times for our MakeLoveNotPornstars just trying to upload their videos.

As a tiny, bootstrapping, team, we unfortunately don’t have the kind of resources better-funded sites do to be able to solve these sorts of issues quickly. In August the wonderful Lar joined our team as dedicated developer to fix our issues, and at last – five months later, because there’s only one of him – we’re delighted to be able to say, Happy New Year, because it really is.

Happy new trouble-free streaming service now fully in place!

Our number one priority has been for you to be able to stream our videos with no issues. We have now migrated all our content over to the new service Lar built and we hope very much from here on in there will be no more problems – so you can now rent with confidence. And there’ll be no more of those pesky broken stills which had been plaguing our not-yet-migrated videos – now you can preview our MakeLoveNotPornstars in their full glory!

Happy new trouble-free submissions process coming soon!

Our number two priority is to fix our submissions process so that our fabulous MLNPornstars – whose number increases each week! – can upload without aggravation.  Lar will be working on that in the coming weeks as a matter of urgency.

Separate to that, there are other things that make us happy.

We’re happy that all of you have been so amazingly patient and supportive through all our technical issues. We cannot believe how lucky we are to have such a wonderful community.

We’re happy so many of you write to us every day to express your appreciation of what we’re doing.

We’re happy our flow of #realworldsex submissions is steadily increasing week by week.

We’re happy our flow of #realworldsex submissions is steadily getting more diverse – across gender, age, race, nationality, sexual tastes.

We’re happy that our mission to change the way the world has sex for the better is working.  As per the 23-year-old man who wrote to us to say:

“Great site. It’s what I was looking for for a long time. I find the website awesome, It shows real women and it celebrates sex and intimacy. Your site makes me want to have sex in a grown up, honest and respectful way.”

For 2015 our priorities are, in order: to fix streaming and submissions; bring in the monthly/annual subscription model many of you have asked for; and build the features we have in the pipeline (improved search, bookmarking, social sharing, rating, commenting, MLNPstar following, recommendations etc etc) that will give all of you a better and better experience.  While growing and changing the way the world has sex for the better.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to celebrate and share #realworldsex, and let’s MakeGrowingTogetherLoveNotPorn in 2015!

Cindy, Oonie, Corey, Lar, Sarah, Ariel, Alex, Zoe

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