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Therapist Reveals 10 Most Surprising Sex Fantasies He Hears From Men​​ / The Stir

Originally published on The Stir. 

“We’ve learned to see men as sex machines: Always ready to go, simple to operate, and always in control. But the reality could not be more different! Men are a lot less secure than we realize — but also more complex and more hungry for emotional connection. It turns out, the answers to the question “what do men want in bed” can be very surprising for women to hear, according to sex counselor Eric M. Garrison.

Are any of these a surprise to you? Which do you think your husband most likely wishes for?

7. Watch Porn Together

Garrison says some men would really like to ask women to watch porn with them, but with a catch — they want YOU to pick the porn so they can learn what you like. Men are actually fascinated to learn what turns women on, and this is a great way for them to find out. If you’re not into the mainstream stuff, check out (Link NSFW obviously).”

Read the full list here.

Read more about why we think couples can benefit from watching #realworldsex together, here.

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