Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Meet MLNPstars Colin/Gray!

You might have noticed the young, adorable, and very creative couple that has recently taken MLNP by storm! Here is an official introduction from the lovely Colin/Gray.

Hello There!

This is Gray from Colin/Gray 🙂

We are brand new to and the whole showing your #realworldsex online thing and we love it!

Who are we?

I am an artist, curator, model, and figure model, and Colin is a writer of short fiction and soap operas, or as he says, “I just sit at home and watch soap operas all day.”

We have been together for over 3 years and in that time have collaborated on and supported each other’s many projects and now we come together (or should I say “cum together” lol) as Colin/Gray, sharing with you our creative, explorative, goofy, sensual, theatrical and ridiculous #realworldsex!


Why this medium?

I am a visual and performing artist and creating concepts for our #realworldsex free peeks, as well as documenting the video, and editing it, is all very fun for me. As we all know, we artists don’t do it for the money, but in this way I can actually get paid for creating work and sharing it with others who enjoy it in a way that is much different than porn. Initially I imagined making videos that were just of the two of us having straight-up normal sex, but then when’s clever idea of having a backstory and trailer were mentioned that is where we decided to get creative. We take our everyday hobbies and interests and put them in this other setting, responding to and challenging traditional porn tropes (terrible plot, money shots, inequality within the sexes).

“What if we were playing chess…maybe strip chess and every time one of us takes a piece off the board it is a rough cut to the other’s item of clothing disappearing



“Lets recreate that time where we were reading in bed but all we wanted to be doing was each other, and then like in cartoons we could put the little thought bubble over our heads.”



We also use this as a space to promote how important communication and role equality is in relationships. I am on top as much as Colin is and same goes with oral sex. In our public and private lives we want it to be apparent that we have a healthy, consensual relationship and MLNP is the perfect platform to promote these goals. 


For one because the whole team (especially who I most communicate with: Sarah) is so supportive, friendly and has created an internet community that is unlike anything else.

It is a place where two non-porny, androgynous, scrawny, pale, short-haired brunettes can  be sexy and promote sexual and emotional health and creativity. 

Also, what other site would say things like this?

“Making their debut this week, brand new MLNPstars colingray bring us a sweet, sensual, and clever #realworldsex session captured in a small space within the earshot of neighbours – quite the #realworldsex challenge! Embodying everyday excitement just the way we like it, in addition to turning us on, this video also had curatorial assistant, Ariel, and myself, marvelling at some of the ingenious positions employed. Three cheers for a growing community of MLNPstars, and a growing number of positions to try!”

This is a very supportive community and its hard to imagine submitting intimate sex videos to any other.

What to expect in upcoming videos?


Ballet, cooking, wrestling, strip tease, at home gym-workout, toys, yoga, the “Freaky Friday” switch, shower, birthday, anal, date night, fort building, instructional, 50’s domestic, road-trip, very very very light/first time BDSM, cowboy, paranormal investigation and carefully curated costumes as always.

I think that’s all for now!



We can’t wait to see it! Check out the already existing Colin/Gray videos to get an idea of what they’re all about! We ❤ you, Colin/Gray!


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