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The story or the script? by MLNPstar Doris_Dawn

By MLNPStar Doris of Doris_Dawn.

Mainstream porn rarely follows a story. Most often, the porn film keeps close to the script, or the screenplay. Only a few of the legendary vintage erotic films, such as “Emmanuelle,” are deeply anchored in a story. This heightens the romantic impact on the viewer but, understandably, lowers the hardcore rating of the movie. You can’t have all the love and all the lust in one play, or can you? Actually, no.

Besides the objective contrasts, there are the subjective audiences: men in trucks looking for a quick unload; men in the office going at it, under the desk; men having a break; men here, men there… Men in a hurry! This is what drives the demand towards the silly screenplays of modern porn. Men trying to deal with a crazy society, a crazy boss, or a “lazy” wife? Because if you’re not in a hurry then you must be lazy, right?

Take the porn of the 19th century (written, drawn, painted or photographed) and you’ll be amazed of the prominence of Victorian porn. Depictions of more or less natural sex positions were always part of men’s fancy – they just lacked the modern cameras then – but the sophisticated or forthright romance is there, making a beautiful (or ugly) story out of it.

Going further back in time, we’ll see greater stories and almost no more scripts. With Shakespeare, the script became the story.

Legends say that Valentine, a presbyter who lived many many centuries ago, had married soldiers that were forbidden to marry, had given sight to a blind girl, had written the first Valentine card ever. His faith in romance, his joy about the story, were stronger than the fears of the powers opposing. Put another way: the world may go to hell but love, and lovers, will always go to heaven.



Our Valentine’s Day video, titled “A Romantic Bath & My Love Relationships,” follows the story without much consideration to the screenplay. Don offers me flowers (purple tulips from Holland). Each flower in a glass with some water. He lights some candles among the flowers, to “circle” the bathtub where foam and hot water blossom by the stream of the tap. Don is goofy as you know him.

I am “surprised” as if I’d never known what I was filming the other minute… But the story shows you that I’m more pleased than surprised. How could I not be? Is there really a woman out there who wouldn’t love luxuriating in a hot, foamy bath, surrounded by tulips and candles, while her lover offers to sponge her backside, allowing her the time to relax and feel good?

Onto my other love relationship. I never knew I’d fall in love with the camera. Decades ago, it was his idea and my dare. Today it is his passion and my second nature: I love to study and analyse what the camera catches of my nudity, why others like to peep, where the next capillary had its crack under the skin of my leg and… you know what I mean. I’m fighting with ages… not just mine…

Doris 2

Will close this up with a few lines from an imaginary, never written (until now), screenplay.

DON(from behind his camera): My love, how should I give you an orgasm to cap off your bath?
DORIS: Oh, darling. I’m having one… as we speak…
DON: Really? Didn’t notice.
DORIS(taking her time, minutes pass): Mhm… Mm… The foam covers my hands… Mm…
DON: Ah, a mild one…
DORIS (after a long pause of pleasure): Mild is good!
DON: Okay, tell me when I can turn the camera off.
DORIS(from reverie): How about yours?…
DON: I’ll have mine while post-processing.
DORIS: Post-processing is good!


DORIS & DON: Wishing everyone at MLNP a Happy Valentine’s Day!

DORIS: Valentine is Good!!

Check out more of Doris’s writing and the many wonderful contributions they’ve made to MLNP right here! Happy Valentines Day, to Doris_Dawn and to you!


2 Responses to “The story or the script? by MLNPstar Doris_Dawn”

  1. Bill

    oh beautiful Doris you are so sexy and pretty teasing in the tub…….so wonderful to bathe caress and please your body as you direct


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