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Stay mysterious: how to shoot a bangin’ #realworldsex video without showing your face!

By the MLNP curation team.

As the curators of, we’ve had many conversations with really awesome, enthusiastic people like yourself perhaps who really love the idea of (yay!)  and want to submit a video (YAY!), but aren’t entirely comfortable with the idea of showing their face. I am here to tell you, that’s okay! We don’t want you to ever do something that makes you uncomfortable, and it’s totally possible to make an amazing #realworldsex video without letting us see that pretty face of yours.  While I have your attention, I also want to remind you that MLNP is a closed community, where the only people that would be seeing your video are people who most likely share similar concerns and values about privacy. Second of all, anyone who’s watching your video, REALLY wants to watch your video! To the point where they paid $5 to see you get down, you know?

Many of our MLNPStars actually never show their faces in their #realworldsex videos– or show very little of them. Not enough to the point where anyone is recognizable. I thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the MLNPStars that shoot really great videos while staying ~anonymous~. Maybe you’ve walked right by Violet+Rye on the street. Perhaps you’ve stood behind Allenandthejean when you’re both at the grocery store. You might have even been across the restaurant from Magic Lovers on your vacation to Italy, and you’d never know, because you don’t even know what they look like! But have you seen them have some really great orgasms? Were they still able to showcase how much they love and respect each other’s bodies? YES! Let’s take a look at how these MLNPStars do it. The face thing seems to be a rather common dilemma for a lot of y’all, which I TOTALLY understand. But! It’s totally possible to shoot a hot #realworldsex video showing anything and everything but your face, so here I present to you: How to shoot a video without showing your face: A guide.


TIP 1: Edit out your face!


Let’s take Violet + Rye as an example. The first time I watched one of Violet+Rye’s notoriously cinematic videos, I was like ‘OK, which one of them went to art school?’ Violet + Rye have such a tangible appreciation for each other and are clearly still in awe of each other’s bodies and the sexual chemistry that they share together. Violet + Rye have done a great job cultivating an aesthetic that’s incredibly sensual, contextualized and all-around lovely to watch. While we never see their whole faces, sometimes we see Violet’s lips here, or Rye’s hairline there, giving us a sense of what they might look like, but never giving enough of a full picture to be like “Oh my god, I went to college with her!!!” kind of recognition.  I also love how Violet + Rye wield the camera as if it’s actually in bed with them (which it is, now that I think about it), by choosing to take full advantage of the different angles, zooms and focuses that they can get by holding it and moving it during sex instead of just setting it up at the edge of the bed and leaving it running. Violet+Rye’s use of soft colors, blurred edges and vibrant use of detail to important things (um, hi boobs and balls) pull the user in to get lost in their #realworldsex moments, regardless of the season, lighting or toy that they might be driving that particular video. Allenandthejean are another couple who expertly capture their amazing #realworldsex while maintaining their anonymity. Most of the time, they shoot from the neck down, where we can catch a glimpse of Jean’s brown tresses or the back of Allen’s head at certain angles. They also clearly have an appreciation of the film form, and don’t hesitate to utilize the medium to showcase their awe-inspiring #realworld love and equally impressive video editing skills.


TIP 2: Cover up your tattoos!


Since I’m already fangirling all over Violet + Rye, let me take a moment to say that I also love their creative use of black electrical tape to cover up their tattoos! Look, I have tattoos. I get it. It’s part of what makes you a #specialsnowflake. But if you’re worried about someone seeing your dragonfly tramp stamp you got on your 21st birthday, just throw some black electrical tape over it. You can put some black electrical tape over your nipples while you’re at it– kinky! This will also make you #mysterious. Or! Just keep your clothes on. Lingerie is HOT. Leotards are sexy as shit, just look at Colin/Gray. As is leaving a men’s oversized shirt unbuttoned to show some underboob or some chest hair. Keep a turtle neck on if you want! Or record that lifeguard fantasy you’ve been harboring since high school and leave a one piece speedo on. I don’t care! You do you.


TIP 3: Wear a mask!


Previously mentioned MLNP super stars Allenandthejean and Magic Lovers both sometimes wear masks which lets them not worry about editing their whole faces out. Masks are a fantastic opportunity to shoot a #realworldsex video if you don’t want to do as much editing. Plus, who doesn’t like dressing up sometimes? I LOVE masks, but this is coming from someone who has a whole row of wigs in her closet. Despite my perhaps elevated appreciation for costumes, I don’t seem to be the only member of the MLNP community who seems to see the value (and sex appeal) in masks. Allenandthejean don a couple of festive glittery masks in this Mardi Gras getaway, Modesty Ablaze was the queen of masks before deciding to unveil her beautiful face for us and  Nebbish+Goddess also don a couple for their MLNP debut!

As you can see, there are so, so many ways to shoot a #realworldsex video, and if you want to submit something, then we would absolutely love to see it. There are infinite ways to shoot a video, and yours should reflect your own unique take on what your #realworldsex looks like. While we love videos that do show your faces, and while it can be amazing to get caught up in the smiles and o faces and eyes rolling back goodness that showing your face allows, it’s also totally possible to get lost watching the arch of someone’s back, or the entwining of legs or moaning noises with just the visual of someone’s stomach muscles tightening (ahem, Violet’s latest me-time video). I decided to showcase these styles of shooting videos to highlight how diverse our MLNP community is, and how many different ways there are to go about not showing your face or concealing other unique physical characteristics. I’m sure there are a million other ways to do it creatively that I haven’t even thought of, which hopefully we will see in the future with you!


If you are thinking about submitting and want to talk to me and Madam Curator, please don’t hesitate to email us at, or We are more than happy to chat with any of you, and love conversing with y’all. Hopefully see you (but maybe not your face) soon! XO

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    • Jackson

      Wow that’s a relieve because I was so scare to play porn but ever since you gave me the great ideas soon I am gonna became a member


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