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Be Madam Curator for a day: curate your own edition for!

Ever fantasized about being MadamCurator/MonsieurCurator/YouCurator, and curating your very own MLNP edition out of all of your #realworldsex favorites? Well, now you can! Send a theme suggestion of your very own and a themed list of your favorite videos on to and soon your personal picks could be delighting our members!

We want to start featuring member-curated editions. You can be public or anonymous, and write your own blog post all about what you picked and why. We’re in this wonderful celebration of #realworldsex together!

Steps for creating an edition designed by YOU:

1. Pick your faves!

As a loyal member, you’ve rented and enjoyed #realworldsex videos from a variety of MLNPstars. Aside from the more obvious ways watching #realworldsex can be titillating, many of the videos you’ve enjoyed have likely stimulated not only your body, but also your mind and heart. Maybe you saw something you never thought you’d try in real life but now feel inspired after seeing real people give it a go. And then there was that time you watched a video with someone completely different from yourself and it really opened your eyes to how unique and beautiful human sexuality really is.

Did you find that seeing folks with bodies similar to yours has helped you get over certain insecurities? Are there specific videos you’d consider sharing with new or not so new lovers to give them a hint as to what you’d like to try out the next time you’re together?

Thinking about the videos you’ve watched, considering what spoke to you – even if it was the littlest moment – is a great way to create a nuanced edition. And, of course, don’t forget to include the videos that just straight up turned you on and got you off – if you found something raging hot, say so! I’m pretty sure our MLNPstars will appreciate the feedback.

2. Decide on a theme.

While this can be as simple and straightforward as, “YourHandle’s top 10 #realworldsex videos,” I wholeheartedly encourage you to be as creative as you’d like when tying all your faves together. Personalize it! This is all about you sharing with our community what you love.

3. Add some finishing touches & send it my way!

We like to say a little something about each and every video we publish so you know what we think makes it unique and oh so #realworldsexy. Along with your list of 5-10 fave #realworldsex videos and your edition theme, please include a sentence or two about what you love about each video. That way, when I decide to feature your edition it’ll be that much closer to being ready to go live!

Interested in perusing some MLNPstar-curated editions before you create your own? Check out these stellar examples from WeMegiddoStyle, Modesty Ablaze, and Violet+Rye!

Got a question? Ready to send in your edition? Email

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