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Meet MLNPstars, winnerwinner!

Written by MLNPstars winnerwinner.


We wanted to share our sex tapes, our passion, our quirky, kinky love, but wanted to get a little money for the effort. We found Make Love Not Porn via a Google search, and the founder’s talk on Ted was the clincher for us.  We make a unique brand of kinky BDSM #realworldsex that is sweet and tender. We are in love, and the passion shows. When we are apart and cannot have sex, we masturbate to our videos of us having sex, we rarely watch videos we did not make, sometimes we watch videos of ourselves while having sex. We have been together just three months, and see a very kinky and loving future for us, and hope to capture and share some of it on video. Ariel at MLNP has been so encouraging and helpful, MLNP really has a vision for sex positive culture.

Winner winner

Five Cameras

We used five cameras for our first video on MLNP! I enjoy using the two head mounted GoPro cameras, it makes it easier to film without a camera man.

In the editing process, I mix the GoPro footage in with three Canon cameras mounted on tripods. I want to make a living from video, that is why I have all this equipment and lights.

I would like to find couples who might want to be MLNPstars in the San Francisco bay area to film and edit if they don’t know how to shoot or edit their own #realworldsex.

I bought a GoPro to make the filming easier, but the audio quality is terrible, so I have an external Zoom audio recorder I use, then I use PluralEyes software to sync audio with video, and create an easier to edit sequence in Premiere Pro.

About Us

I am Dude Fawkes, the Californian brother of Guy Fawkes. We met via the okcupid dating website. Devil Grrrl saw my “horrendous” handlebar mustache and wanted to slap it off my face, so she messaged me. We met, sparks flew, we had sex, and 10 days later made our first sex video; she has grown very fond of my handlebar mustache, in other words, we are madly in love, and hella kinky. 

Devil Grrrl, says:

“We thought Make Love Not Porn would be an excellent venue for our #realworldsex because we make kinky love. It seems other web sites want cold, non creative, cock-cunt centered video. Whereas our interludes are more holistic, tender, artful, fun and loving.

Below is a sweet BDSM-style love letter from Devil Grrrl to her partner-in-life and loving Dom, Guy Fawkes. Here at we adore consensual kink and acknowledge it has its own very specific language and practices to ensure the safe enjoyment of all involved. If you’re not super familiar, we encourage you to check out this primer from Erica Moen and Abby Howard at Oh Joy Sex Toy – xo Madam Curator.

I have indeed been tamed, not by God, but the sins of the flesh. Made real by lust from the pits of my of existence. Sodomy saved my soul. When my Dom penetrates my ass he does so with total control of my mind, body, and soul. At that moment, my Dom is the ruler of my universe. I openly submit to only Him. He is the one I trust to exercise forbidden acts upon my will and body. My flesh is His. Not God’s. I belong as property, possession, slave. And I would have it no other way. I adore Him and dream only of the day He drinks from me so deeply I perish under his crushing embrace. He drinks from me the very electricity igniting my synaptic gaps. He ravages my body, fucking me so deep in the ass it’s like he’s fucking my consciousness. I feel Him and know Him more than anyone. As He with me. I feel our minds’ eyes collide when our bodies become one. I become me.”


Dude Fawkes, says:

Devil Grrrl is my doting muse. She is amazingly multi-orgasmic –  sometimes I am awestruck by how hard she cums, sometimes her pussy tightens and convulses, almost squeezing my cock out of her pussy while she is cumming. She likes being my submissive, and I like being her dominate; she likes dirty talk, and it comes so natural to me with my kinky mind and all the improv classes I have taken. I am so proud of her frequent and hard orgasms, I tell her how proud I am when she cums, and it makes her cum more; she is like a sexual goddess, channeling Aphrodite, she is blessed with a high libido. I can spank her to orgasm, wow! I have become tantric in my own weird way, I don’t want to cum, so I can keep going later to make her cum even more, my orgasms pale in comparison to hers, they inspire me, but then she knows what to do to make me cum after she has over 20 orgasms. She cums hard enough for the both of us.

I love it. I love her. 

Welcome to MLNP, winnerwinner! We are overjoyed that you are sharing your awesome #realworldkinkydirtymessychattymultiorgasmicsex with us!

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