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6 Empowering Things Feminist Pornographers Can Teach Us About Sex / Mic

Written by Kate Hakala for Mic. Originally published on May 14th, 2015.

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Why don’t women watch more porn?

The numbers are unsurprisingly hard to pin down, but a 2013 Pew Research Center survey found that just 8% of female online video viewers watch adult content. According to PornHub’s 2014 Year in Review report, just 23% of its porn viewers worldwide were women.

There’s one clear reason why: Until recently, mainstream porn has been dismissive of women’s bodies and desires. As Rashida Jones put it so perfectly, porn has the tendency to sexualize women by objectifying them rather than embrace their sexuality.

Feminist porn hopes to change all that. It’s no longer a niche movement: Feminist porn has its own category at the XBiz awards. It has spawned its own porn conference and, this April, celebrated its pioneers at the 10th annual Feminist Porn Awards.

Sp Mic spoke to Lust Films director Erika Lust, porn creator Ms. Naughty and content curator Sarah Beall about what it’s like to create porn that reflects what sex is really all about.

1. “Real world sex doesn’t start the second you’re kissing or end the second someone has come.”

Women and men can respond to visual sexual cues differently, research has shown. One of those differences, as the recent popularity of erotic literature shows, is that women are turned on by sex in the context of “real” lives.

“The context matters,” says Beall, whose site hosts real-world sex submissions, told Mic. That means porn that reflects what we actually do in our beds. “Real-world sex doesn’t start in a vacuum. It doesn’t start the second you’re kissing or end the second someone — the man — has come. It’s really important to contextualize that, and it’s a very feminist qualification,” she added.

We create porn with a narrative,” Lust said of her company. “We give context to the characters, locales, story and above all, the sex.” After all, hot sex can spring up mid-IKEA table assembling or on a backpacking trip in Spain. According to Lust, a big part of the success is ensuring “performers look like and play characters that are natural, individual and attractive in their own unique way. The settings are places you’ve been to or could go.””

Click here to read the rest of this great interview!

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