Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

If you’re thinking about sharing your #realworldsex vids online, look no further than

Written by MLNPstars Colin/Gray


Colin/Gray have been a part of the community for seven months now and it is a very fun and supportive part of our lives.

cg blizzard2

We are inspired to make videos based on our daily interests. We are big nerds and like sci-fi, chess and reading, so you’ll see that in some of our videos. We also just like to play with/make sexy the irritating things (cold weather, cold sores, sore muscles). This gives us an excuse to collaborate on a funny backstory and sexy costumes and is a platform for us to work together on, talk about and show what we believe is important in relationships (communication, consent, together time, alone time, and humor).

cg chess

If you are thinking about sharing your #realworldsex vids online, look no further than We have had nothing but good feelings and feedback from submitting our work here, and it is a small enough site where chances are, your conservative aunt and uncle are not going to find you!

When making videos, I’ve learned that sometimes you don’t need all the different camera angles. Good lighting and one good camera can be all you need! Also Adobe Premiere, patience and having a good sense of humor doesn’t hurt.


We both are using the earnings on rent, food, practical things, etc but when the next payment round comes up, we want to save it away for a cheap vacation somewhere! Mmm, the Yucatan Peninsula is calling me right now– of course we will shoot travel vids for all of you!

4th 8

We’ve been planning to make an mini-series called Sex Work about our many day jobs and fantasies we can have at them to make them more interesting. We’re also interested in shooting more videos on location because its so amazing seeing two bodies surrounded by a beautiful landscape! But of course, every video we make has to have our signature playful and heavily curated aesthetic.

Do you like what we do? Have a request for an upcoming video? We want to hear from you! Email us at





P.S. MLNP is a very supportive, caring community who has never stopped promoting our work. Ever since we joined in December 2014, we’ve been in the NYC PFF ‘15, reviewed a toy and were featured for the Refinery 29 x MLNP collab, and were written about in an article on BUSTLE and slutever. We love the team at MLNP and the viewers who rent our videos. Together you make our experience with filming our fun, quirky, creative, steamy sex really exciting and fulfilling.

Go see all of their videos in one place in MakeColin/GrayLoveNotPorn! Does this impossibly adorably duo have you feeling inspired to shoot a #realworldsex video? Hell yes! Email us at

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