Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

The future of sex is social, unvarnished, and human / PR Week

By MLNP founder Cindy Gallop for PR Week. Originally published on August 25th, 2015.

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“Seven years ago I encountered intimately, and not in a good way, what happens when total freedom of access to hardcore porn online meets society’s equally total reluctance to talk honestly about sex and results in porn becoming – by default – the sex education of today. was something I launched six years ago. We are pro-sex, pro-porn, and pro knowing the difference. Our message is simply “talk about sex,” because as the comms industry knows, everything great is borne out of great communication, and terrific sex is no exception.

I launched the site at TED with a talk that went viral. We saw huge traffic and I was bombarded with emails. I saw an opportunity for a business solution to a huge, untapped global social need. I decided to pursue our mission to “talk about it” by deploying social media dynamics that socialize sex to make #realworldsex and the discussion around it socially acceptable and socially shareable.

My team launched, a user-generated, crowdsourced video sharing platform where anyone can submit their own #realworldsex videos, which we curate to our criteria, which is just one thing: real. We’re not porn. We’re not amateur.

We are building a new category. Our videos aren’t about performing for the camera, but simply doing what you do on every other social platform – capture what goes on in the real world in all its messy, beautiful, ridiculous, and amazing humanness.

We operate a revenue-sharing business model: You pay to rent and stream your videos and half of that income goes to our MakeLoveNotPorn stars. One day, we want them to be as famous as YouTube stars for the same reasons – their authenticity, individuality, and realness. We want to build the website to the critical mass where your #realworldsex video could hit a million rentals at $5 per rental – and you get half of that for doing something that helps change the way the world has sex for the better.

And yet, my team and I fight a battle every day to build our company. Every piece of business infrastructure any other startup can take for granted, we can’t, because the small print always says, “No adult content.” Our biggest operational challenge has been payment processing. PayPal and mainstream credit card processors won’t work with adult content. We had to build our videosharing/streaming platform from scratch.

I’m fighting this battle publicly because the answer to everything that worries people about porn and sex is not to shut down and censor. It’s to open up and welcome and support entrepreneurs who want to disrupt for the better, and open up to enabling us to do business on the same terms as everyone else. But especially, open up to understanding that social sex is the future.”

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3 Responses to “The future of sex is social, unvarnished, and human / PR Week”

  1. Bill

    So many make sex out to be so dirty because they never experienced the beauty of it……. people comfortable with their sexuality are loving couples that hold hands in public and are not afraid to kiss when parting in public or meeting after work……. take what many say is dirty Porn and slowly experiment with each other at home and you find a deeper love by finding what makes each other sensually happy and beautiful to each other


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