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Rickat Documented: the inside scoop on our mini-doc for Bustle

Written by MLNPstar Kat of Rickat

When we originally heard about the interest to make a documentary about a NYC couple that is part of the MLNP community, we were truly honored by the nomination to participate. It raised a few questions for us in terms of keeping our identities private, whether we would be able to keep our masks on, etc. but once we had those details sorted out we were fully on board.

We met with Bustle crew the first time to talk about the project and bounce creative ideas off of each other. The authors had a rough concept of what and how they wanted to show everything and we filled in the blanks. Most importantly, we had a long discussion about #realworldsex vs porn and what it means in today’s internet infused reality to record your most intimate moments and post them online to share with others. We had  good chemistry with the crew and felt really comfortable opening up about our take on the topic.

They returned a few weeks later on a day we were planning to shoot a new video, as capturing the preparatory process and method was of utmost interest to them. I put on my make-up, mask and the wig and we had an impromptu interview. Most importantly we showed our technical set up which was surprisingly unobtrusive and intimate. We have never talked to anyone about this before and certainly not on camera so it was quite interesting to share our secrets in such a manner. We had agreed ahead of time that we would not be shooting any of our typical stuff while the crew was there – since that might have been awkward and totally against our belief of capturing the #realworldsex which, after all, normally does not happen in front of a live audience. So as we were all set and ready to go at it, we said goodbye to our guests and went on to enjoy what we do quite well on our own.

The final time we met with the Bustle crew was during the creative process of editing the video. As I had some “post- production” ideas and was running into road block after road block, we talked about the challenges of making artistic decisions and final selections of what makes it into the video. At the moment the movie is still not completed due to personal reasons, but I hope to get back to it in the near future.

Overall it was a very pleasant experience. As a couple of exhibitionists at heart we really had no problem baring our souls with regards to the motivation and the process behind making movies for MLNP. The most surprising part for me was having three strangers watching me edit quite graphic scenes of myself and my husband on my computer and feeling absolutely no shame.

We hope that the final documentary normalizes, explains the motivation and gives all the best reasons for why anyone should consider joining our MLNP community of regular people who after all are like everyone else– if a bit more shameless than most.

Enjoy the documentary and don’t forget to drop us a line on our blog ( if it inspires you in any way!

Go check out all of Rickat’s amazing #realworldsex videos and watch their mini-doc for Bustle, here.

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