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This is the most exciting time in our sexual life by far: Rickat talk filming their #realworldsex for MLNP

Written by MLNPstar Kat of Rickatwho are featured in a new documentary short from Bustle called  We Make Sex Videos for the Internet, and Here’s Why.”

When we make love, we follow the body language, cues from the partner that over time become like a secret language that enhances the level of communication into an act of intimacy. This leads to some beautiful and flawless love making that when captured on film it becomes a work of art. The editing is really the fancy frame or a collage of this intense imagery. Music is the emotional subtitle that translates the secret language into one that we can all understand.
We are extremely intimate in our lovemaking and we found that capturing it up-close evokes a lot of emotions and arouses almost instantaneously when we re-watch it later on. Being this close and sometimes very perso(a)nal can look cheesy or grotesque but we hope we keep the tight rope balance on this one. We like it, and we hope MLNP community does as well.
This is the most exciting time in our sexual life by far. Neither of us has ever had this kind of sex before. We wonder how many people never get to experience this level of exhilaration and we hope that they are in minority. 

We are in a sense grateful for MLNP coming into our lives this year because now we will be able to document our sexual evolution and share it. There’s so much freedom of expression in the bedroom, the needs are anticipated and fulfilled to satisfaction and going with the flow is the name of the game. And that’s how we play when we record – we take a day off, we set the cameras, dress up for flair and then just make love.

Sometimes we see something up close that makes us reach for the camera to record it – much like taking a snapshot of a memory one wants to preserve. But most of the time we make love and laugh and truly enjoy a break from the real world. What happens in our bed is a primal prayer and celebration of an ultimate communion where our spiritual energies combine and send a signal into the universe with a message of love and understanding. Sharing our movies in a sense magnifies and captures this signal and hopefully passes on some of the feeling immortalized in MP4. Can you feel it?

Check out all of Rickat’s #realworldsex videos in one place here and be sure to hop on over to their blog!

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