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Sandwiched Mom: Doris_Dawn on balancing their #realworld with orgasms

By Don of MLNPstars Doris_Dawn.

Hello, Don here. Because Doris is quite busy. As you may notice from the title of our new little #bathtime film: “#Metime Quickie (busy mom in the bathtub).” Since the end of summer, we’ve added a new variableto our household equation. Doris’ mom, because of several cascading health issues, turned blind and we brought her to live with us. Doris is pampering her more than she does with the twins. It was about time for them to grow up and take some responsibilities, which they do! As about their big sisters, one switched her studies from Austria to Germany, the other comes to visit every weekend, to see and help her granny. You won’t believe how comforting it is to sense solidarity in your kids.

There is a social phenomenon concerning 50-something women who must take care of kids and parents at the same time. To deal with work and the mirror. To feel crushed by the clock at night, in the morning,through the days and evenings. Sounds hard, and so it is if you perceive it this way. Some of Doris’ friends talk about experiencing the same sandwich situation in their own families. They call themselves the sandwich generation. Well, I guess that any generation, when crossing midlife, walks its sandwich time. Being in the middle of life (or something) is like being sandwiched, after all. Wondering how other generations of women (and men) had solved their mundane chores and worries, in harmony with their kids and parents, in tune with their souls and bodies, in synergy with the universe and the beyonds.

Is there a pill? Is there a button? Is there a magic incantation capable to free moms from the sandwich? Nope. No pill, no button, no magic, no man-made machine. Nothing of the artificial can help us, no synthetic chemistry can substitute nature.


How about a hot bath?, called on short notice, on a Friday evening when twins were out to their extracurricular classes and their granny was dozing in her room. Unpacking the halogen lamp, fixing it on the sink in a quite precarious position, I waited for her to come in the bathroom after suggesting to mom that the radio volume was too low and should be turned a bit up.

What I’ve filmed in #Metime Quickie (busy mom in the bathtub) is so much closer to daily reality than the passionate all around candles and mauve tulips in: A Romantic Bath & My Love Relationships which somehow happens once in a blue moon, or pink Valentine.


Doris has managed to kill the ghosts of panic years ago, when embracing the naturist lifestyle. Because orgasms are nature’s cure to melancholy. What she tried in the bathtub, the #metime – bit hurriedly, bit stressed, yet determined to follow her quest for the orgasm, is an evening essay.

As about the fireworks from noon, on the very same Friday, in the back of our car, I’ll write in the next blog. We went Dutch then. Ahem…

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