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MLNPstar Danny Wylde bids farewell to sharing sex online

Written by MLNPstar, Danny Wylde.

My name is Christopher Zeischegg. I used to be (and sort of still am) the porn performer, Danny Wylde.

Some time last week, I filmed myself jerking off, and then uploaded the video to I included an introductory sequence, in which I said, “This is the last clip I’ll be submitting to Make Love Not Porn, or – I think – any pornographic or vicariously pornographic website… I’ll be sharing, in the very near future, why that is.”

A day after the video went live, a London-based commercial production company, Somesuch & Co, published my essay, ‘On The Moral Imperative To Commodify Our Sexual Suffering’ – a horror/satire piece on the financial collapse of the sex industry. There was a link, at the bottom of the page, to an accompanying short film, titled,Danny Wylde. The film depicted my real-life physical mutilation at the hands of a Los Angeles artist, and friend, Luka Fisher.

I’d meant for the essay/short film combo to be an ‘explanation’ for the end of my digital sex-tape contributions. Though, in hindsight, I can see how the whole endeavor might have come off as vague, or completely unrelated.

MakeLoveNotPorn’s curator and community manager, Sarah Beall, asked that I deliver a statement.

I retired from pornographic performance two years ago. I’ve writtenat length – about why. If you need to know more, click here or use Google.

MakeLoveNotPorn has allowed me to (very infrequently) share videos of my real world sex, post-porn-performance.

As I understand it, MakeLoveNotPorn functions as both entertainment and a sort of sex-education-for-adults. It’s a platform to discuss the differences between porn and real world sex, and to explore their intersectionality. MakeLoveNotPorn is also a business model designed to showcase such variations through explicit, user-submitted, video content. It’s can be used the same way as porn, while also being an alternative to porn.

For MakeLoveNotPorn to achieve its goal of combatting – or at least balancing – the effects of pornography on real-life sexual encounters, it requires the participation of real-life people. And a lot of them.

I was a great addition to the site’s launch. Because I was able to explicitly present the dichotomy between pornographic, performative sex and my personal, at-home sex with my (then) partner.

My most recent, and final, contribution is personal and erotic, and – in my opinion – one of my better masturbation videos available to the public. Though, it furthers the MakeLoveNotPorn ‘conversation’ in no special way. (We respectfully disagree! – Madam Curator).

In the most basic terms, it’s a hot piece of jerk-off material… hopefully.

But jerk-off material isn’t exactly hard to come by these days. And I assume I could still sell my cum shot to at least a few traditional porn studios. It’s the sociological ramifications of MakeLoveNotPorn that interest me most.

Though, as I’ve slowly reintroduced sex work into my life over the past year, I’ve had to acknowledge a certain reality: the ‘conversation’ is not always good for the career. Radical politics, sex work demystification, etc… is great for getting published and for speaking on panels at sex-geek conferences. Perhaps, it does some good to further human rights campaigns. In my experience, it doesn’t help much with getting paid to fuck.

Like any good hooker, I love a conversation about sex. But mostly, I just want a rich man (or woman) to look at me like a piece of meat. Because that’s good for business. As I grow older, I tend to think more about the future; about how I might one day be a person who can pay off his student loans.

Because I work in pornography, I often ask myself, “What is still valuable? Do I have anything to give that isn’t available – for free – everywhere else?”

The answer is, “Maybe.”

To figure it out for sure, I plan to de-digitalize my future sex work and call it something else.

That means ‘On The Moral Imperative To Commodify Our Sexual Suffering’ is more than satire. And that the Pornhub-bred consumer stays, forever, in the dark.

Thank you for everything, Danny!

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