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Music FAQs answered: how to add the perfect score to your #realworldsex video

Old-timey ambiance from Violet+Rye’s video, Saturday Morning.

Nothing breaks my heart quite like having to turn down a submission to due to the inclusion of copyrighted music. Because of strict copyright laws, cannot legally publish any videos that feature any copyrighted music at all. It totally wrecks me to watch an AMAZING new #realworldsex submission that I know our community would absolutely eat up but have to reject it because of a faint Britney Spears song playing in the background. When this does happen — and it happens fairly often, especially with new MLNPstars, there are a couple of things you can do. I decided to outline a hypothetical conversation to answer some of our FAQs about music for you!

MLNPstar: I recorded this amazing video with my sweetie but I had Pandora on the whole time that we were having sex! Does that mean that I can never have my video on

Curators: Have no fear, beautiful budding MLNPstar. Are you computer savvy? Is there any way that you could dub over the music that is playing with music that is not under copyright?

MLNPstar: Maybe… Where do I find that?!

Curators: This is a great resource for music that is under the creative commons. Another idea is to reach out to any indie musicians you might know — if you have permission from them, we can totally publish the video with their music playing! Talk about great cross-promotion!

MLNPstar: Whoa, that’s a cool idea. Has anyone done that before?

Curators: Totally! Check out this video by Corkle to see a great example of this. We’d love to feature even more collaborations like this!

MLNPstar: What if I can’t figure out how to dub over? Is all hope lost?

Curators: Well, although we do love the sound that comes with #realworldsex — all of the sighing, moaning and communication — you can try to take the sound out and re-submit it as a silent video! Colin/Gray recently did this when Gray did a sultry strip tease to the new Rihanna CD– in their video description, she told people what song to queue up on YouTube! That way, you can enjoy what they were listening to without violating any copyright laws!

MLNPstar: Oh, that’s so smart! Back to this editing thing– What if I don’t want to edit on the next video that I submit?

Curators: You totally don’t have to use music! But if it’s something that’s important for you to have to set the mood, why don’t you queue up some that’s not copyrighted and then you don’t have to worry about it at all!

MLNPstar: Cool, thanks! I’m gonna go check out that resource and re-submit my #LickJob video!

Curators: Awesome! Can’t wait to see!

MLNPstar: Are there any MLNPstars that use creative commons music particularly well so I can get an idea of what works?

Curators: I’m so glad you asked! Violet + Rye are really great at matching music with their mood, Colin/Gray also use music to make their videos that much more captivating to watch and AllenandtheJean are awesome editors all around including their music curation abilities. Doris_Dawn also play around with different kinds of music to enhance their videos.

MLNPstar: I’ll check those out, thanks!

Whether you choose to use music or not is totally up to you! If you want to I hope that this hypothetical conversation was helpful to get a better idea of how some MLNPstars use it really well.

If you are a musician who’s open to letting MLNPstars use your music in their videos, we’d love to hear from you! We ADORE that idea and think it’s a great cross promotion opportunity 🙂

As always, please let us know if you have any questions! You can email us at If you’ve already recorded a scorchin’ vid with some Rihanna in the background, worst case scenario is that you have to record a brand new video… but hey, that’s not so bad! xo



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