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Make Sweltering Summer Nights Love

Hello darling,

Ahh, summer. When the days are long and the nights are even longer. With the sun shining and the long weekend approaching, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring you a very exciting edition, MakeSwelteringSummerNightsLoveNotPorn. This edition highlights the steamy magic that happens when you’re up way past your bed time. Whether it’s experimenting with kink for the first time like hannable, rushing to your honey’s house for an impromptu sleepover like Fin, or trying out a hilarious and sexy roleplay like Redfox, there are plenty of ways to make the most of sweltering summer nights!

After perusing this 23 video edition, we bet you’ll be up into the night watching all of the scorching #realworldsex or maybe even making some #sweltering magic of your own! Whether it’s solo, with a new crush, or a long term partner, this edition celebrates the hot ‘n heavy spark that ignites during the heat of the summer.

borninheat get it on in a sauna… MrandMrsLau ravish each other in a hotel room… skno1 seduces herself on a cruise ship… Magic Lovers make some magic in the country… Colin/Gray go #downtown in sultry black and white… and more!



One night after a particularly good show at sea, musician Skno1 slips back to her private cabin on the cruise ship where she works and tipsily seduces herself. Taking full advantage of the rare privacy, Skno1 shows off her exhibitionist side, setting up a camera and peeling off her lingerie. In this #metime video, you can clearly see that sometimes the best sex is the sex you have with yourself!



After coming home from hanging out with friends, oohlalaisthatme wants nothing more than some self love. Lucky for us, this inked up hottie also has a great sense of cinematography, making this already incredibly fun to watch solo sesh that much better by how gorgeously it’s shot! A gorgeous video with a gorgeous man will get you all sorts of hot and bothered.


In this sexy late night video, Fox dons her hottest cop outfit, and gives Red a very thorough investigation! Featuring a playful beginning shot from Fox’s POV, an ultra sexy middle involving handcuffs and lots of teasing, and an explosive ending, this black and white #roleplay showcases how much fun these two have together — especially when the Mrs is in charge!

In the second installation of the Sex Police, Redfox take their naughty policewoman/horny burglar roleplay to the next level in a playful seduction that will both turn you on and make you giggle. Working their case well into the night (while their children are sound asleep upstairs, no doubt) this couple’s flair for the dramatic comes out to play as they act out a cat and mouse game that ends with our officer collapsing with pleasure on the kitchen table, and a note from her fave perp promising even more sex police shenanigans to come!


Both dressed to the nines in lace, latex, and leather, Colin/Gray bring the sexy in this sequel to Seven Ways to Eat a Pussy. Colin puts his oral abilities to work on Gray, who manages to utter lots of “Yes” and “Please” in between grateful moans. This super charged black and white rendezvous will will leave you salivating and ready to head #downtown ASAP.



Impossibly hot duo borninheat turn up the temperature in this crazy sexy video taking place in a sauna. I’m honestly not sure what’s hotter– the chemistry between these two or the temperature that the sauna must have been! With lots of #downtown action, including a poolside #lickjob, lots and lots of passionate making out and a backdoor conclusion, you’ll want to book a vacation like, yesterday.


Young Belgian couple, borninheat, made their MLNP-debut with an erotic video shot late a night in their bedroom. Featuring intense eye contact and smoldering chemistry, the light kink in this video is perfectly balanced by passionate and tender kisses, and plenty of reciprocal #downtown action.



Let’s be real, who isn’t a fan of MrandMrsLau? Finding themselves super inspired after the London MLNPstar meet up, they rush back to their hotel room to film a new video just for you! With their inhibitions lowered by a couple of delicious cocktails, this #tipsy #giggly and #hotashell hotel escapade includes lots of passionate kisses, #grinding good times and some delicious #downtown action.



In their first foray into kinky play, hannable exhibit amazing communication, an insatiable desire for the other, and lots and lots of hot #realworldsex. Seducing her honey in a fishnet body stocking, Ms. hannable gets to be the #realworldsubmissive of her dreams in the first of this three part series. A little nervous about watching BDSM? Be sure to check out their intro video to see the loving relationship behind their consensual kink.



Lily was supposed to spend the night at her place, but even after a week of passionate loving, she still couldn’t stay away from her boyfriend, Fin! Sweet, sensual and oozing with explosive chemistry, after watching this video, you’ll also be dropping everything for a sexy sleepover with your honey.

Fox + Aphrodite


In Fox + Aphrodite’s second contribution to, our lovebirds celebrate their anniversary with a round of spanking and ass worship that soon leads to other festive activities. Aphrodite seduces Fox in sultry lingerie and Fox shows his appreciation by lavishing all of his attention on her waiting derriere. This delightful video will get you hot and bothered while also making you reminisce about the splendor of young love.

Modesty Ablaze


Modesty celebrates Valentine’s Day with Lover no. 50. in this late night romp. Dressed to the nines in a red lace bodysuit, Modesty pours champagne before her and Lover no. 50 completely ravish each other. Giving each other #downtown treats, Modesty looks elated during the entirety of this celebratory V-day sex. Giggly, communicative and multi-orgasmic this video hits all the marks to make this an instant Modesty classic!


VonBettie gets seduced into a basement by her sultry pal Frankie, who she proceeds to ravish with a #LickJob to remember. Dimly lit with a super voyeuristic vibe, the raw and intimate quality of this queer #clitastic sexcapade will make you feel like you’re watching something you’re not supposed to in the very best way.



As Kat so beautifully and simply puts it, “I want passion. I want beauty. I want love. And you know where it is? Right here on MLNP.” Rickat’s videos have been like a river of passion, beauty and love running into’s already stirring collection of everyday awesome #realworldsex. Their third late night glowing sepia video features hot #downtown time, #backdoor exploration and lots of YES!YES!YES! If you want to see a very much in love married couple with an artistic eye who appreciates the value of lube, look no further.


Brand new Canadian MLNPstars, acoupleofkinks, make their debut in a video captured on their three year sex-iversary! As they explain in their intro, what started out as a one night stand soon led to three years of #realworldsex adventures filled with great communication, lots of orgasms, and plenty of experimentation. You’ll love watching this adorable duo’s intense connection as they celebrate how much they love each other’s bodies with lots of kisses, #downtown action, #toytime, and more!



Our very first Australian MLNPstars, Scody, make their sultry debut with this voyeuristic #realworldsex video! Scody can’t keep their hands or mouths off of each other, and share lots and lots of sweet kisses while making love on their couch. You’ll be mesmerized by how they ravish each other’s bodies, and then will find yourself going ‘Aww’ at the end when their pup jumps on the bed to join them!



Janira impulsively took a trip to Boston where she got to reunite with her lover Wolf after eight long months of being apart! Shot in a hotel, this passionate reunion romp will remind you just how sweet it is to be able to see (and have sex with) someone that you’ve been missing!

Lily Cade


Lovely and Lily met at a drag show Lily was performing in and even though Lovely said she was straight, they ended up making out. Overcome with an intense attraction to Lily, Lovely asked this gold star lesbian if she would be her first female lover. With scorching hot chemistry between them and a confidence that makes it hard to believe they don’t know each other better, this video shows two women going at each other with no-holds-barred lust and a forceful desire to get one another off.


Winner winner

Featuring multiple cameras, riding crops, 2 GoPros, and a whoopie cushion, this video also includes the sentence, “Remember what you said the first time you gave me a rim job? It was, ‘where have you been all my life?!’” Celebrating their three month anniversary with nearly three times the amount of camera equipment, this video bursts with contagious sexual energy, a crazy connection, and similar sexual appetites making it a #realworldsex video not to be missed.

Magic Lovers


Not for the faint of heart, Magic Lovers’ delirious love making gives new meaning to the expression hot and heavy! Sensual and intense, with an oral fixation and penchant for backdoor exploration, these two will whip you into a frenzy, during a train trip to the Italian countryside.

Efi & Walter


Who among us hasn’t experienced the epic battle that takes place between our body and brain when we’re super tired but also incredibly turned on? Efi & Walter demonstrate the pay-off that takes place when you fight the urge to sleep and have some sleep-assisting orgasms before bedtime.



After spending years living ultra-religious and sexually restrictive lives, MLNPstars WeMegiddoStyle have worked hard to earn their sexual freedom. Lucky for them (and us) their years of pent up lust translate perfectly into frenzied passion.

Honey & Sweetie


As the backstory goes, Honey & Sweetie’s little one was out of house, and knowing this occasion was rare, Sweetie pounced on the opportunity to have a little fun with her Honey. Reviewing this video filled me with an overwhelming appreciation for #realworldlove and #realworldconnection – “I love love,” is one reaction I shared with curatorial assistant, Ariel. And by love I meant the kind that is giving, playful, and doesn’t take itself too seriously (see: blindfold used in video). Just witnessing Honey & Sweetie laugh together, talk together, and share intense arousal together (see: foot twitching) is a #realworldsex-watching delight.

Want to share some #swelteringsummernight action of your own? Email us at! xo

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