Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Sharing #realworldsex on MLNP has improved my quality of life and helped me become more confident: Meet MLNPstar RoseOne

By MLNPstar RoseOne

What a ride! Six months after become a MLNPstar, and ten videos later, all of them including at least one female orgasm and/or a squirt session, it’s probably time to explain the project! It started out as weekly sexual vlogs, which at the time I found very original and innovative. My first video is the one I’m the most proud of as it lays on years of frustration, exploration and questioning on the representation of sexual activity.

My original goals were to share my orgasmic lifestyle with the world after months #metime practice and hopefully finance a new sex toy. You can see my toy on most vids; it’s broken down to its core out of pure lust. Of course I anticipated that what is orgasmic is exponential: this activity has provoked unprecedented growth in life quality and self-confidence.



I’ve been inspired by the philosophy behind orgasmic meditation even though I’ve never tried it. The idea of putting female orgasm at the center and see what comes out definitely triggered this intense growth in my life. I also am really interested in eco-sexual philosophy and love working with the elements more or less spontaneously — I film when the sunlight shines on me. Female ejaculation has also been a very powerful healing tool that came to me when I needed it and helped me release the past.



Dare I say that it was love at first sight between me and MLNP. Well not really, I had seen the TED talk a couple years ago but I was a bit young and maturity has brought me more wisdom and clarity in these matters.

Sharing here has been a beautiful way of growing into adulthood. I am on board with MLNP because it is a frankly female led operation; we absolutely need a well-intended truthful approach to sexual representation in this world. Representation matters: a female orgasm that matters in and of itself is a powerful tool to reclaim our lives. It’s about reclaiming female-hood, living on our own terms and even broadcasting it for the world to see!

I love this idea that, neither amateur nor pro, we are of a new kind.

If body image issues are a thing for everyone, becoming an adult human female certainly isn’t a walk in the park. Starting to represent the body I have motivates me everyday to take care of it to the best of my ability as I get the joy of being myself and sharing it with the world.

I see myself as a positive role model with the goal to normalize the female body as a whole spiritual entity which also includes body hair.

Making #realworldsex videos with all my hair is something that makes a lot of sense to me and I am forever grateful to MLNP for this total freedom of creation that we have.

I’d like to comment on the choice of anonymity too. « Give a man a mask and he will show his true face » The quote is attributed to Oscar Wilde. It is generally true in my opinion but it applies better than ever for showing the truth of female sexuality. It enables me to put a lot of myself in my content while feeling freer than ever. My girlfriends tell me that no porn tube videos come close to depicting the raw, pussy-focused truth of female orgasm that I feel comfortable showing, while also hiding my face.



This feeling of giving the people what they want by expressing myself while fulfilling my knowledge quest and contributing to society in many different ways makes me my busiest, happiest self in forever. Rise up and shine would be the keyword & watchword of the whole operation.

I am thus looking forward to sharing even more videos in 2018 and test out my new HD camera. Stay tuned…

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