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5 simple tips for capturing a #realworldsex video that’s as cute as you are

You don’t have to have the fanciest gear or a degree in cinematography to shoot a nice looking video, but it can help to think about basics like lighting and angles before you’re *ahem* distracted. Read on for smartphone accessories that won’t break the bank and tricks even the most experienced among us rely on so that you can hit us with our best — #realworldsex — shot.

1. Put your thing down, flip it, and reverse it

When shooting on a smart phone, turn it horizontally, and use your front facing camera so you can keep an eye on the framing of your shot. While a vertical video may display perfectly on your phone, once dropped into our video player, your awesome clip may not like having to compete for screen time with the two black bars of negative space on either side of it.

Ok, so you look lovely, skno1, but next time flip your camera!

A panoramic shot won’t just display better on, it’ll also capture more of the action, because hey, sometimes we like to move around during sex, don’t we?

2. Enhance your equipment

Use a clip on wide angle lens to quickly expand your smartphone camera’s view. Detachable lenses are now available at most dollar stores which makes them a no brainer investment in your #realworldsex oeuvre. You can also get one here.

3. Stick it and forget it

Get a tripod for your smartphone. If you’ve ever tried balancing your phone on a giant stack of books only to have it fall over mid-action, you’ll know how helpful this is. Getting the right height for your shot can take time, but with a tripod, it’s much easier to just stick it (your phone on a tripod, that is) and forget it.

For even more flexibility, try out a tripod with bendable legs like the GorillaPod and get even more creative with your video’s POV.

Wanna get real fancy? Try an overhead tripod!

4. Where the sun do shine

Bask in the glow like Sexy Imagination

Natural light is your friend. Especially convenient for those who enjoy a little #wakeywakey action, good old sunlight will give you a dose of vitamin D while keeping shadows out of your shot.

5. The big finish

While we actively encourage our MLNPstars to records a little before and after the main event, we totally get it if you want to trim your clip a bit. Leave the awkward parts in there but lose the opening close-up of your thumb using quicktime. Then, while you’re at it, resize your video to 1 GB or under to make for a smooth uploading experience when you’re all done.

Looking for more filming tips? Head on over to our how-to section.



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