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Cindy Gallop on Sex, Intimacy, and Having “The Talk” with Your Kids by Genevieve Padalecki

MLNP CEO + founder Cindy Gallop recently sat down with Genevieve Padalecki to talk about sex, intimacy and having “The Talk” with your kids. Watch below to see the amazing conversation that transpired between these two brilliant women!

We love these comments left on the video:

“This discussion was nothing like what I envisioned it would be when I clicked play. I love the idea of sexual values and thinking about it I’m actually quite lucky that I instinctively set myself high values from a young age but I had lots of friends with seemingly little to no values concerning sex and at that time I just didn’t haven’t the vocabulary to help but perhaps if their parents had been able to provide guidance about sex and values surrounding it, they may have made better choices growing up.” – katestrange

“This is actually really awesome. I mean, I’m 15 and no one in my life has had open conversations with me about intimacy in the way you guys did and I honestly feel like that is immensely important.” – Madison O

“I’m a kindergarten teacher, so I take quite a lot of advice from this video. I already started a while ago to teach those kids to treat their genitals like other body parts and stopped using “nicknames” for them. I think it’s important to give the children an open mind about this when they are young, bc they will feel pudic about it anyway in a certain age. Everyone should be able to talk about it in an open way, especially if something feels odd or wrong.” – Takikoju

“THANK YOU for bringing this up! She brilliantly sums up the main issues or points of value! And I found so much of myself in your approach. I absolutely see the necessity of talking about sex more openly! As said: it’s a fundamental part of us as a human being to feel loved and fulfilled and therefor it has an impact of how we are in respect to others and to society!” – Antje Paul

“I loved listening to this conversation! I specifically connected with two things that had me yelling “Yes!” at my computer. Firstly – I’m Cindy’s age and I’m usually coy about saying my age, although I never lie about it. I like her (and Gen’s) decision of saying her age as often as possible and I’m going to start simply saying the number instead of doing everything I can to not say it. Second – There is nothing sexier for me than watching my partner become completely sated and satisfied from our time together!! I always feel like that’s my job and only then can I worry about achieving my own satisfaction. I know that maybe I need to work on my control issues, but this talk gave me a more positive view of my need to satisfy my man! I’ve never heard of Cindy Gallop before but I’m going to look into her efforts now. Thank you, Genevieve, for bringing this fascinating lady to my attention!” – R Boggus

What do you think? Leave your comments below!


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