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How to use SnapChat filters while filming your #realworldsex

Are you interested in making your MLNP debut but worried about being recognized? Do you think being silly during sex is fun? Looking to add creative flair to your #realworldsex videos?

Meet MLNPstars El_and_BSal, our first to submit their #realwordsex video using a SnapChat filter! They had so much fun making their first video with filters that they decided to share some tips and tricks for other MLNPstars. Whether you’re brand new to SnapChat filters or just want to know more about how to use them in a #socialsex a video, this post is for you!

By MLNPstars El_and_BSal

Making videos for MLNP is exciting and adventurous. My lover and I started filming our #realworldsex for MLNP and found out right away how thrilling and fun it is. Since our debut we have made 6 videos and each time we feel our creative juices are flowing with more great ideas. The latest one we submitted was filmed using a SnapChat bunny filter. Yes, you read that right, having sex with my lover looking like a bunny rabbit with a funny high pitched voice. It was great fun! 

One of the greatest features of SnapChat are the fun filters that change your voice and turn you into an adorable human animal. At first it was tricky to figure out how to shoot a whole video like this but now that we have it figured out, here are all our tips and tricks to making SnapChat filtered #realworldsex videos!

But first…

What is SnapChat?

SnapChat is an app that is known as a way to send pictures, videos, and chat messages that instantly disappear after you read them. Its great for people who want to do sexting but not have their pictures in someone’s pic collection. In fact, SnapChat sends you a notification if someone has taken a screenshot of your photo. One of the most popular features of SnapChat is their unique and fun photo and video filters. If you have ever used SnapChat then you already know that you must hold the button down while shooting the video and when you remove your finger from the button the video stops.

So how do you shoot a #realworldsex video while holding the button down and holding your phone? You don’t.  

It takes a few inexpensive tools to get the job done and here is how we did it: 

Tools needed: Selfie stick, bluetooth camera remote, smartphone, and lots of good lighting.  I got my Bluetooth camera remote on Amazon. It’s the CamKix Wireless Bluetooth Camera Remote and it cost me only $8.49.  

Pair your remote to your smartphone, attached your phone to a selfie-stick, open SnapChat, pick a filter, hold your remote button down and start shooting your love-making!  

How to keep it flowing: 

First off, have fun with this, and don’t worry if you mess up a few time while getting the hang of it. Play with it and see what happens. The more you can relax and have fun, the more in the flow you can be.  

SnapChat videos can only be one minute long, so every minute you have to save the video. The good news is that only takes one second to save, so the awkward part is the one second you break presence with your lover. After a few minutes though the flow just starts happening. Just click the save button on the bottom then click the upper left hand “x” and the screen refreshes right back to the camera mode with the same filter. Immediately after that press down on your bluetooth remote and start shooting again.

I use an iPhone 7 to shoot our #realworldsex, and iMovie for editing.  During editing I simply go to iMovie, connect all the clips and save it to camera roll. Another tip on this is to save it as a lower quality video, instead of HD, this will make it much easier to upload to MLNP.  

Hope these tips are helpful!

We can’t wait to see other MLNPstars and their creative fun #realworldsex videos using SnapChat filters!  

Thanks for the tips El_and_BSal!

Head on over to our how-to section for more tips on capturing your #realworldsex!

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