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Q&A with new MakeLoveNotPornstars Malimi

We are so excited to profile our latest couple to join the MakeLoveNotPornstar ranks, Lady M and Mr C, known collectively as Malimi. This duo started out as regular viewers of MakeLoveNotPorn videos and were so inspired by the community they decided to get in front of the camera and start creating hot videos themselves. Here’s a little window into their world…

In four words or fewer, what’s a good sexual value you think everyone should practice?

Lady M: To quote Dan Savage, “Good, Giving and Game”.

Mr C: Open honest communication.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you in the bedroom?


Mr C: One evening, Lady M was allowing me to jerk off to her beauty before bed, my intention was to come on her breasts, and even though I was well below her beautiful pussy when I came, I came with such force and explosion that it shot straight over her luscious boobs and landed smack dab in her eye…we howled, we laughed till our cheeks hurt, we wiped, we rinsed…but her eye burned for a good two days after that…kind of gives the lie to mainstream porn’s facials, eh?

Lady M: Despite this sounding like a letter to Penthouse forum 😉 It’s absolutely true.  Mr C is known to shoot far and long, but he was well out of range. So much to my surprise to have his come fill my eyes, up my nose, in my hair. We did laugh our heads off and I spent the next two days rinsing my eyes and using cold compresses. I’m thinking of investing in safety goggles in the future.

Who’s *your* favorite MakeLoveNotPornstar?

Lady M: I can definitely say there have been a few videos that have sent us running to the bedroom, but it’s the diverse bodies, genders, sexualities, ethnicities,  relationships, and scenarios that we love about MakeLoveNotPorn. We have never followed a particular genre. We love anything and everything that turns us on.

Mr C: We have watched close to 60 videos now, and I can honestly say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them all for totally different reasons…I like to see new things, new bodies, new positions, new scenarios, and until MakeLoveNotPorn, all I was seeing was the same old same old again and again, thank you all for sharing with us!

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Each other.

Check out Malimi’s videos on the site or any other one of our fabulous MakeLoveNotPornstars – you’ll find them all on our site.

Inspired to create your own? Check out our FAQ or submit your video now!

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