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Our BIG Pride Celebration

We’re thrilled to tell you that MLNP #socialsex videos were broadcast across New York during Pride weekend – promotional SFW ones!

As a #sextech startup, we’re frustrated that too many places refuse to allow us to advertise – so we decided to take matters into our own hands. We premiered our ‘Reasons To Become A MLNP Member’ and ‘Reasons To Become A MLNPstar’ videos as public projections to challenge the advertising ban, and to be where we want to be as the Social Sex Revolution: out, loud, proud, and social supporting World Pride.

And the ad industry is noticing! Check out these headlines in Campaign US, Marketing Directo, and The Drum:

We need your help! If you’re willing, please share these articles, photos and videos on social media to spread the word that we won’t stand for censorship.

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Watch our ‘Reasons To Become A MLNP Member’ and ‘Reasons To Become A MLNPstar’ videos and share them with your friends! Then check out the #MakeProudLove edition and rent your favorite #socialsex videos.  

As always, your rentals support the MLNPstars and the Social Sex Revolution 🧡

We’re so thankful to Brooke Moreland and Mariah Rehmet, of Jane Wayne Pictures, for channeling the MakeLoveNotPorn spirit and our amazing MakeLoveNotPornstar stories into these beautifully evocative pieces.

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