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As A Straight Guy, I Like To Watch Straight Guys Masturbate

Cindy says: I’m delighted this week’s themed edition is MakeGuytimeLoveNotPorn, because as a straight woman, I thoroughly enjoy our wide selection of #guytime videos from our amazing male MLNPstars. But we hear from our wonderful members, that our #metime videos are not just arousing, but useful and inspirational. After all, how often do we get to see how other people masturbate? One man told us, “Watching other men’s videos made me realize I could be having so much more fun masturbating!”  So we were thrilled to get this great tribute to MakeLoveNotPornstar Lonely.Wolf from member lovesaloft: 

My compliments to Lonely.Wolf.  I also appreciate women noted for having an elegant beauty about their image.  As a straight guy, I like to watch straight guys masturbate.  Lonely.Wolf  has the right approach.  It is fascinating to observe other guys’ preference for playing with their erect penis.  I usually hold my erection close to my stomach, which makes the streams extra heavy and thick during ejaculation.  I collect as much semen as possible on my fingers, lubricate my post orgasmic penis until I get a second erection and enjoy a second orgasm.  A second orgasm after about 15 minutes makes my testicles feel more relaxed.

MLNP Member, lovesaloft

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