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Men, Here’s How to Masturbate Better

Wondering how to jerk off better? Looking for male masturbation techniques? Our Curator Bex has compiled these unique tips from watching all our MakeLoveNotPornstar #guytime videos! 

A big part of working in sex education is often just refuting the myths and stereotypes that we’ve developed through the years about sex and bodies, and trust me there are a lot of them. Somewhere in between the ludicrous (masturbation causes hairy palms?) and the dangerous (two condoms are twice as safe!) lies a number of deceptively devious myths that we rarely have the time to tackle.

My favorite of these is the idea that penises are somehow simpler than vulvas, and by extension, that men’s pleasure is somehow simpler than women’s. Not only is that simply not true, but it does a disservice to men (and anyone else with a penis, though admittedly this is more prevalent among cis men) who should not only have the opportunity, but be encouraged to explore the nuances of their pleasure as much as anyone else!

So often we see articles full of masturbation tips for women, so this week, we’ve collected some of our favorite videos of men exploring their pleasure to feature on our home page, and I wanted to share with you some of the ideas for fun ways to masturbate that I’ve learned from watching them.

Masturbate Outdoors

The fastest and easiest way to add a new dimension to your play is to simply switch up the venue. Usually spend your #guytime in bed, or in front of the computer? Try relocating to the shower, the kitchen, or even your backyard! Jerking off outside – like LoveSurfSing does in this secluded beach, can be a uniquely exciting experience, and really expands your possibilities for pleasure.

Find more outdoor social sex videos at our #alfresco tag.

Nipple Play

For many men, masturbation starts and ends with their penis, but the next time you’ve got some #guytime scheduled, consider exploring other parts of your body first, you might be surprised what you find. For example, xxxotter is able to orgasm without ever touching his penis, but through nipple play alone – amazing!

Find more nipple play social sex videos at our #nipsy tag.

Masturbate with Toys

The easiest way to get your hands (and other parts) on a new sensation is to head down to your local sex shop and pick out a new toy. There are plenty of products designed for penises specifically – like Rspeare’s see-through Fleshlight – but if you get creative, you might find you even enjoy toys designed with other anatomy in mind. Vibrators are often sold to women, but vibration can feel good on any nerve endings – just watch as Passion-Rex shows us how to use sex toys in a way you might not expect.

Find more sex toy social sex videos at our #toytime tag.

Get Creative

A new toy might not always be in the budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore with new sensations. Check out the way Hand_solo uses his showerhead to add a new and interesting sensation when he shows us how to jerk off in the shower, and get creative with some of the things you have hanging around the house.

Find more creative social sex videos at our #DIY tag.

Masturbate in Costume

Just because you’re alone, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and look good doing it! In fact, your #guytime is the perfect time to get comfortable and confident in something you’ve never worn before. From leather and latex, to silk, nylon, and fur, fabrics and clothing not only make us look great, but they can feel great against our skin, especially if that’s a texture you’re not used to. Check out the way Cosmonaut takes the opportunity while his girlfriend is away to explore his feminine side in a pair of pantyhose!

Find more dressed up social sex videos at our #dressy tag.

Dirty Talk

Most of us learn how to jerk off as teenagers when we’re living with family and need to be quiet, and silence becomes habit, but one of the luxuries of being an adult is not having to hide your sexuality anymore. Experiment with what kinds of sounds you enjoy, you can start simple with gasps and moans, then grow to maybe include some dirty talk while masturbating. Learning to be more vocal while we’re alone can not only help you become more vocal with a partner (a key component to communicating what you enjoy) but might even turn you on! Just ask L.M.N.O.P!

Find more dirty talk social sex videos at our #chatty tag.

Mutual Masturbation

Jerking off doesn’t have to be something you do alone, inviting a partner to join you is not only one of the safest forms of partnered sex you can engage in, but it’s also an excellent way to show them your favorite ways to be touched! Let them watch you play while they touch themselves, or even let them provide an extra helping hand, the way WanderandLust do!

Find more mutual masturbation social sex videos at our #WeTime tag.

Join the Social Sex Revolution

Even if you don’t share your video, filming your #guytime is a great way to see your experience from another point of view. Even better, if you have an eager partner, encourage them to film you. It gives you a chance to see yourself through their eyes. Pay attention to all those places where the camera lingers and give yourself a chance to appreciate all of the things your partner finds sexy about you.

Have a fantastic #guytime video that you’re dying to share with our community? Head over to our share page to create your first submission, or reach out to with any questions!

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