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Cindy Gallop talks humanity, ageism in advertising, and social sex / Contagious

Written by Chloe Markowicz for Contagious. Originally published on September 26, 2019.

[At Make Love Not Porn] we knew if we were going to invite people to do something that they’ve never done before – socially share their real world sex – we had to create a completely safe and trustworthy space.

When you design safe spaces, then you enable people to have safe conversations about very healthy topics that should be a lot more open. When you did not do that to begin with, as a young white male founder of a tech platform, you are now trying to retrospectively deal with all the shit that happens when you did not design negativity out of your platform in the first place.

Your only recourse, you think, is knee-jerk and it’s legislation and compliance. I and my fellow female sex tech founders are the victims of this knee-jerk compliance that just goes, ‘No adult content’ and then applies that to everything including mothers breastfeeding babies.

I’ve been telling our industry they should advertise on porn sites for years. I want them to advertise on MakeLoveNotPorn – which is not porn, it’s social sex. But I’ve absolutely used my position in industry to try and change the way our industry feels about this.


Head over to Contagious to read the rest of the article! For more like this, check out the #sextechbiz section of our blog!

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