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Gift Guide for Lovers 2019

We make it easy to show love

The holidays are approaching – the perfect time to express love to the important people in your life. And here at MLNP we make it really easy! Whether it’s celebrating your love with your partner, bonding over love life adventures with your friend, helping your roommate out in their dating life, encouraging someone dear to you to get back in the dating game post-breakup – give the gift of love with our unique options. 

Our branded MLNP merchandise – T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, phone cases, stickers and many more – say, “I’m good in bed the way it really counts – the #realworldsex way.” And our subscriptions make the perfect gift to celebrate shared love or to encourage someone close to you to delve into our amazing world of social sex. 

And as many parents have told us, for your over-18 teenagers, you know what they’re watching – gifting an MLNP subscription makes the perfect alternative that also helps them learn as they go through their real world love lives.

Plus, everything you buy supports the Social Sex Revolution! So please do spread love the MLNP way, as we change the world through sex together.

Gift a MakeLoveNotPorn Subscription

Gift a t-shirt that says “I’m good in bed”

Gift a t-shirt to your MLNP-co-star

Gift a sexy vessel 😉

With gratitude – 


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