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Women of Sex Tech Conference 2020 / Medium

Written by Grace Santos-Murphy on Medium. Originally published on May 3, 2020.

KEYNOTE: Cindy Gallop— Why The Pandemic Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Sextech

Cindy Gallop, queen of sex tech, and founder of MakeLoveNotPorn. She gave an inspiring keynote speech on the five opportunities this pandemic is presenting to us:

Adversity drives opportunity

“The world is never going to be the same again, and that’s a good thing for those of us who have never been part of the status quo.”

It’s only complete utter disaster that will create the opportunity for change that we need. Like the complete utter disaster, we are in right now. That’s when new models, new ways of working, new thinking, new technology can be built to bring change.

Everybody is now staying home globally

All of humanity is experiencing the same thing right now. At MakeLoveNotPorn they have seen their traffic, revenue and video submissions increase, without making any changes at all. Lockdown is giving more people the time, space, opportunity to become MakeLoveNotPorn stars.

We’re reconfiguring how we think and feel about sex, intimacy and relationships

“The future is not digital. The pandemic has made this clear. The future is IRL.”

The pandemic has shown us how important tech is, and how it can facilitate digital connection, but it’s also shown us how important real human connection, human intimacy and human touch is. It’s causing us to re-evaluate everything, especially what we’re willing to pay for.

The pandemic is socialising sex

“We’re all at home, and having less shame about what we do at home. Sex is recession proof, the market never goes away.”

Cindy has seen in her own twitter following that people have been more inclined to retweet posts about sex and MakeLoveNotPorn during this pandemic than ever before.

We need to finally normalise sex. It’s when people really feel okay with buying sex tech, and publically and unashamedly plugging these products (like they do with all the other products they are buying) that we can then break down the stigma.

The pandemic is rebalancing the societal value equation

“Everybody working in the arena of sex is essential.”

This pandemic is casting a whole new light on the people who do the jobs that really take care of us. MakeLoveNotPorn is all about human happiness. Sex workers are delivering digital companionship, digital warmth, emotional labour. This is our chance to rebalance the value that we place on this work.

Head over to Grace Santos-Murphy on Medium to read the rest of the article! For more like this, check out the #sextechbiz section of our blog!

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