Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

“Thanks for being part of my attitudinal changes”

MakeLoveNotPorn is a unique venture that has the power to do something utterly unique: CHANGE PEOPLE’S SEXUAL ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIOR. We love this member email from a man who totally gets it:

“You guys are great, and I think your attitude toward sex, sex-shame, and what we hope is an end to the injurious Puritanism vis-a-vis sex, sex workers, etc, that is existent throughout Western culture, is exactly where we as a society ought to be.

I agree that trad. porn is steeped in shame, and worse, misogyny, and that you’re helping cure a centuries old societal wrong, but yeah, I’m preaching, w/o brevity (Sorry!), to the choir.

Don’t be frustrated by the speed of this change: the bigger the ship, the slower it can alter its course.

So thanks! But you should know your stance, and well-articulated concepts, has and is helping me to jettison the learned shame, and to embrace a non-performance, healthy attitude toward pleasure that is seeping into other parts of my life, and I’m very grateful.

If anyone thinks there is no connection between the current civil unrest, the asshole cop enjoying busting heads when he/she has a chance, and the momentary success of that Bible-toting moron and his minion of millions who love to hate—they just don’t want to understand the permeating poison around, nor heal us and/or themselves. [END SOAPBOX]

Thanks for being part of my attitudinal changes and the gradual jettisoning of my own private decades of misguided shame.”

We fight a battle every day to build MakeLoveNotPorn, and it’s wonderful emails from our members like this that keep us going. 

Check out what this member is talking about at

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