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This Student Thinks Universities Should Subsidize MakeLoveNotPorn Accounts Just Like They Subsidize Microsoft Office For Students

We were thrilled to receive this wonderful email from a male student, and love this idea. One day……!

“I’m a student pursuing my Masters and generally in this phase in life, it’s difficult to afford luxuries :). So basically I can’t pay for this service at the moment.
– It would be great if Universities recognized the needs of its students and would tie up with organizations like yours to promote healthy adult content. When we can get an MS office license (and many others) for free from the University, why not an account till as long as we enjoy student-status. That opens up the big debate about whether this will distract students further but I think university student organizations could be the starting point for discussion here. At the end of the day, creating awareness (about the ills of high consumption and promoting healthy content) and building checks into the system (so students don’t abuse the benefits) is the right way in my opinion. Maybe a business idea! ;)”

Check out what this member is talking about at

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