Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

“How MakeLoveNotPorn stopped me feeling I had to act like a pornstar in bed”

We fight a battle every day to build MakeLoveNotPorn, and it’s wonderful emails from our members like this that keep us going. 

I have felt compelled to write to you for a while to let you know how much MLNP has changed my perspective. At a young age, I was groomed to think that intimacy meant acting like a “porn star” and was exposed to some pretty horrific experiences. I have spent 15 years of my life thinking this is the way it was and what men expected from me. Then, five years ago my husband said he hated feeling like he was making love to a porn star. I was flabbergasted! I had no idea how to “be”. What you are doing is shedding a light to my long dilemma of how to “be” – there is no way to be. Thanks for flipping that switch!

Check out what this member is talking about at

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