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The Licktionary – Our #realworldsex Tags

We have just one mission at MakeLoveNotPorn: to help make it easier for every single person in the world to talk openly and honestly about sex. That’s why we call ourselves the Social Sex Revolution. The revolutionary part isn’t the sex, it’s the social.

Because we don’t currently talk openly about sex, as a society we have no socially acceptable vocabulary with which to do so. So here at MakeLoveNotPorn, we’re creating a new language for #RealWorldSex. We want to help everyone move away from the impersonal terms you’d find in your biology textbook, the crude, cliched, male-generated language of porn (whoever coined the term ‘fingerblasting’ didn’t have a vagina, and we’re not fans of ‘wrecking’, ‘smashing’, ‘destroying’ et al), and the juvenile euphemisms people often use in their place. We want to create language that is informal, playful, and accessible. The kind of language you’d be comfortable using while chatting with friends in a coffee shop or bar, in public. And the kind of language you’d be comfortable using to talk about what you want to do in bed.

The Licktionary is our tagging system here at MLNP, and it’s designed to fill in that gap. We want to celebrate all of the yummy, ravenous, joyful, and giggly #RealWorldSex happening out there, the people having it, and the places where they do. We want to honor the breadth of humanity’s sexual expression with language that isn’t clinical, explicit, or steeped in shame, but instead, language you’ll feel happy taking beyond our platform and using in the real world.

First and foremost, the tags in the Licktionary are designed to help you find more of the #RealWorldSex that you want to see and for ease of use in your everyday life. We hope that they can become so much more than that too.

Highlights from the Curators

#RealWorldSex –  The sex people have in their everyday lives, without performing for the camera, in a way that is consensual, contextualized and porn-trope free. #RealWorldSex embraces and celebrates messyawesomehumanness, #realworldbodies, #realworldemotions, #realworldeverything.

#SocialSex – #RealWorldSex that is socially shared as a way of promoting good sexual values and good sexual behavior. #SocialSex encourages people to talk about sex and the differences between #pornworldsex and #RealWorldSex.

MakeLoveNotPornstars – The vanguard of likeminded hotties who socially share their #RealWorldSex on MakeLoveNotPorn.


How Do We Have #RealWorldSex?

YES!YES!YES! – Not all #RealWorldSex includes an orgasm, sometimes the fun is in the journey, but check out this tag if you want to see some #RealWorldOrgasms


procrasturbationProcrastination through one of our favorite activities – masturbation!

girltimeFemale-identified folks having #RealWorldSex with themselves (masturbation)

guytime – Male-identified folks having #RealWorldSex with themselves (masturbation)

nbtimeNot everyone is a man or a woman, some folks identify outside of the gender binary. This tag is for those non-binary and other gender non-conforming folks having #RealWorldSex with themselves (masturbation)

metimePeople of any gender having #RealWorldSex with themselves (masturbation)

wetimeTwo or more people of any gender having #RealWorldSex with themselves simultaneously (Mutual masturbation)


goingdutchTwo people performing oral sex on each other at the same time. (69)

blowjobPleasuring a penis with one’s mouth (fellatio, giving head, etc)

lickjobPleasuring a vulva with one’s mouth (Cunnilingus, eating out, giving head, etc)

littleoPleasuring an anus with one’s mouth (rimming, eating ass, etc)


fistfuloflovePractically sexual olympians, these MLNPstars can take an entire fist! (fisting)

handyAnything featuring hands as the versatile sex toys they are (handjobs, fingering, etc)


frontdoorGood ol’ fashioned penis in vagina sex

backdoorFingers, plugs, and more! If it goes in, on, or around a butt, it’s in this tag!

owowowheynowIt doesn’t have to hurt, with the right warm up, and plenty of lube, these MLNPstars get down with some #RealWorldAnalSex

clitasticAnything involving stimulation of the clitoris. Did you know? The clitoris is the only part of the human body dedicated exclusively to pleasure!

nipsyFrom gentle teasing to tight clamps, here it’s all about the nipples

softserveAll of the fantastic things you can do with a soft or semi-hard dick


facetimeSex where both participants are facing one another (missionary)

frombehindSex where the receptive partner is facing away from the other partner (doggy-style)

grindingNon-penetrative rubbing of body parts or inanimate objects (frotting, tribbing, humping, etc)

peggingStrap-on sex where a female-identified person anally penetrates a male-identified person

giddyupSex where the receptive partner is on top (cowgirl, cowboy, cowpoke)

standupSex where both (all) participants are standing


kinky#RealWorldSex exploring any aspects of sexy powerplay, BDSM, or fetish (incl: bondage, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, roleplay, etc)

dontpeekWatch the way our MLNPstars senses heighten when we cover their eyes.

chompchompWe don’t bite, unless you ask nicely! This is where to look for biting, nibbling, grazing, etc

socloseThese videos take our MLNPstars right to the edge and then back off, over and over again. (edging)

footsy This tag is all about feet. It’s one of the most popular fetishes out there, from sucking on toes to luxurious foot massages.

impactfulMLNPstars being hit with anything other than an open hand – paddles, floggers, books, canes, fists, boots, crops, etc.

roleplayWatch our MLNPstars get into character for a game of grown-up make-believe.

rope-a-liciousFrom rope cuffs to suspension, this tag is all about rope.

spankingOpen handed slapping of a person’s butt, thighs, or chest.

dontmoveSex where one or more people are restrained.


DIYOur MLNPstars are a clever bunch, and all of these videos feature the creative use of things found around the house.

dressyLingerie, costumes, and any outfits that makes you feel sexiest. Remember – Lingerie is for anybody with any body!

ILubeU – Lube makes everything better! These are videos that feature lots of lube to keep things slippery.

strappedonNot all dicks come factory installed, these videos feature our MLNPstars (of any gender) playing with their strap ons

sexswing#RealWorldSex that takes place on a swing specifically designed for grown-up playtime.

toytimeFrom vibrators to butt plugs, all of the videos in this category feature sex toys!

Sex Toys That Have Appeared in Our Videos

JimmyJane | WeVibe | Fleshlight | Lelo | PalmPower | Sybian | MagicWand

wand-erfulVideos featuring some of the biggest and most powerful vibrators out there – wands!


gushingNot everyone with a vulva ejaculates, but these videos celebrate those who can! (squirting, female ejaculation)

messyVideos including ejaculation from a penis

yummyThe enthusiastic consumption of ejaculate in, on, and around mouths.


condomhotFeatures the creative and/or sexy use of condoms

safersexVideos featuring any type of safer sex, including condoms, gloves, dental dams, and other barriers


bendy#RealWorldSex that highlights the flexibility of some of our MLNPstars

cherrypoppingThese videos show our MLNPstars trying something new for the first time

drinkresponsibly From a glass of red wine during a candlelit evening, to cocktails at the club, many of our MLNPstars enjoy a drink or two. (Curator’s Note: Consent is of utmost importance to us here at MLNP, and we would never share a video in which a person is too impaired to consent.)

epicIn it for the long haul, these videos are 40 minutes or more

handsonWarm up with a good rub down, all of these videos feature massage

iconicMLNP classics! These videos are some of our most talked about. They’ve been featured in Cindy’s talks, our #RealWorldSex screenings, and countless other media.

offsetPornstars have #RealWorldSex too! These videos celebrate the kind of sex #RealWorldPornstars have when they’re not on the clock.

period – Throw down a towel and let those orgasms keep your cramps at bay. All of these videos celebrate #RealWorldPeriodSex

quickieWam-Bam thank you ma’am, these videos are 10 min or less

vibratoThese MLNPstars bring their karaoke skills to the bedroom in these videos

TantricVideos in which our MLNPstars practice tantric sex


Who are our MakeLoveNotPornstars?


chummy | coupled | engaged | longdistance | longterm | married | newlywed | polyamorous


American |  Australian | Belgian | Canadian | Czech | Danish | European | French | German | Hungarian | Irish | Italian | Mexican | Russian | SouthAfrican | Spanish | Thai

A Note from the Curators on Identities:
We celebrate the influence of people’s identities on the sex they have, and want to help you find folks with similar experiences to yours! That’s why we encourage our MLNPstars to tag their own videos with the identities that resonate with them.


asexual | bisexual | gay | lesbian | nonbinary | queer | questioning | trans | transfemme | transmasc

Black | EastAsian | Hispanic | Latinx | mixedrace | NativeAmerican | PacificIslander | SouthAsian

disabled | senior

Don’t see yourself here? Email to suggest more tags!


morethemerrier – Three doesn’t have to be a crowd, these videos all have three or more people

tattooed – MLNPstars with visible tattoos

pierced – MLNPstars with piercings that directly influence your sexual activity

pregnant – #RealWorldSex had where one or more of the people involved are pregnant


What Does #RealWorldSex Look and Feel Like?

gentle | relaxing | sweet | cuddly | flirty | playful | joyful | giggly | happy | blissful | tender | romantic | loving | intimate | sensual | seductive | passionate | frenzied | ravenous | intense | rough

4k | blackandwhite | Canon | cinematic | GoPro | HD  | iPhone | Nikon | retro | Samsung | Sony

spirited#RealWorldSex that is especially rigorous

lazypersonWhether you just ran a marathon or simply had a long day at work, lazypersonsex minimizes your work and maximizes your pleasure

chattyFrom dirty talk to flirty banter, these MLNPstars love to talk during sex!

communicativeTalking about sex doesn’t have to ruin the mood, these videos show us that it’s possible to have consent conversations, share preferences, and negotiate, all while keeping things sexy and fun

selfie –  These MLNPstars bring the camera to bed with them to give you a #RealWorldPointOfView

succulentThe smacking and slapping sounds of sex

loudSometimes you just can’t keep quiet and these MLNPstars are particularly vocal

quietHave a roommate? These MLNPstars know how to keep it down

When Do We Have #RealWorldSex?

4thofJuly | afternoon | afterwork | anniversary | beforework | birthday | celebratory | Christmastime | Halloween | holiday | kidsarenthome | latenight | rainyday | reunion | snowday | Valentines | weddingnight

Don’t see your #RealWorldSex here? Email to suggest more tags!

wakeywakey#RealWorldSex that happens in the morning


Where Do We Have #RealWorldSex?

bathtime | bythefire | bythepool | camping | canyon | hotelroom | inthebackyard | intheclub | inthedesert | inthedungeon | intheforest |  inthekitchen  | inthemirror | inthesauna | MermaidRanch | onaboat | onamountain | onthebalcony | onthebeach | onthebike | onthefloor | ontheroof | onthewindow | showertime | tabletop | vacationtime | vanlife

Don’t see your #RealWorldSex here? Email to suggest more tags!

alfresco#RealWorldSex that happens outdoors

roadtrip –  #RealWorldSex that happens in a car

#RealWorldSex Surprises

catcameo | coitusinterruptus | dogwatch | falloffthebed | whoops

How about you? What tags would you use to describe your #realworldsex?

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