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How can help the global economy*

*Written by Cindy Gallop, our fearless CEO & co-foundrix, who is kidding only a little bit.

You know those little display ads you see all over the internet? The ones that say, ‘Make $2,000 a week working from home!’ Most people by now hopefully realize they’re scams. But what if they were for real? What if you could make a nice chunk of change working from home, with relatively little effort on your part?

Well – now you can.

Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of any economy. Startups help create jobs. doesn’t create jobs – yet. It creates income. For anyone. Anywhere in the world. is utterly democratic and inclusive. We’re with Anil Dash: you can’t start the revolution from the country club. And sex is the ultimate inclusive activity. We all do it. We just don’t talk about it (one of the things is out to change).  Anybody who wants  is welcome to submit their #realworldsex videos to Anybody who wants is welcome to view #realworldsex videos on is all-embracing and non-judgemental. Whoever you are, and however you have #realworldsex, we want to see it. (But no children, poop, animals. See ‘Our House, Our Rules’) believes  in rewarding you for what you create. I feel particularly strongly about this because my background is theater and advertising: two industries where ideas and creativity are massively undervalued, even by the creators themselves. Anyone who creates something that gives other people pleasure (in this case a LOT of pleasure!) deserves to see a financial return. So half of what you pay to rent each video, net a small amount to cover hosting/bandwidth/transaction fees, goes to its creator(s). The more a #realworldsex video is enjoyed, the more its creators stand to make. is free if you want it to be. If you want to watch #realworldsex videos for free, all you have to do is contribute your own #realworldsex videos, and then draw on what’s paid into your account to rent and enjoy someone else’s videos in turn. is scalable. Together, we can build our community and our reach to the point where, one day, your #realworldsex video could hit that YouTube holy grail of one million rentals – hey, no reason why not, this is #realworldsex we’re talking – and at $5 per rental, where you get half of what your video makes….well, you do the math. is the Etsy of sexy. This is where you can make money out of doing what comes naturally, the way it comes naturally. Never has the saying been truer: ‘Do what you love, and the money will come.’ And lots of other people will come too. Everybody wins.

We hasten to add – the money is not the primary reason we’d love you to join our fabulous #makelovenotpornstars. But enough people are curious about our business model and why we’ve designed to work the way we have, that we wanted to give you a sense of the economic benefits.

So what are you waiting for? Check out ‘how this works’, do your bit for the global economy and submit your #realworldsex videos now!


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