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Houston Qfest & Sweetest Taboos : a reminder we should get together more often

Our cute little panel placard

This past July I had the absolute pleasure of traveling to Houston for their annual queer film festival, Qfest, where along with board president, Kristian Salinas, I helped curate a special screening of erotic works including some of’s very own #realworldsex videos.  The screening was called Sweetest Taboos, and was preceded by a panel discussion on porn, #realworldsex and the differences/connections between the two, featuring myself, MLNPstar Dale Cooper, Houston-based, intersex-bodied interdisciplinary grassroots artist, Koomah, and performance artist, Dudley Saunders.

This was the first time any of’s #realworldsex videos and intro videos had been screened in a public forum and I’m happy to report it was a huge success. Thanks to the generosity and bravery of MLNPstars WeMegiddoStyle, Violet+Rye, NikkiHearts, Parrott99 and ThisIsOurHandle, I was able to not just talk about and it’s mission, but also give examples of what we mean by contextualized #realworldsex, in real-time.

I hope to share a video of the Sweetest Taboos panel with our community soon, but for now I can say that the discussion was delightful and really helped remind me of the importance of not just interacting with our members and MLNPstars online but also in person. I’ve always enjoyed connecting with others and their ideas face-to-face, and as we continue to expand the space we’ve created for #realworldsex online, I hope to compliment that with more meet-ups, more discussions and screenings, and yes, some sweaty dance parties!

Huge thanks to the crew at Qfest for making Sweetest Taboos happen and for showing Dale and I an amazing time in Houston. I really can’t recommend this festival highly enough – the (all volunteer) staff are fabulous, the films were great, and the focus on building community, bridging divides and recognizing local, grassroots activism was, and is, refreshing.

Qfest was a great opportunity to make’s desire to showcase #realworldsex from queer contributors known within the context of a queer event and I hope this is only the beginning of that kind of in-person outreach and discussion.

Below are some personal photos from what basically turned out to be a super intellectually stimulating, and in-all-ways titilating, queer summer camp. After spending five days with these talented artists, filmmakers and organizers, it was pretty hard to go home again. I really hope they’ll have me back next year!


Would you be interested in hosting a panel and screening like Sweetest Taboos at your college/university/gallery/event? Do let us know by emailing

Happen to be in Montreal? Join Madam Curator and queer artist Ignacio Rivera, aka. Papi Coxxx, for a discussion of feminist porn, curating #realworldsex, and identity on September 29th at 6 pm.

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