Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

“Sharing our #realworldsex on has led to a SEXPLOSION!”

Written by MLNPstar Kat of Rickat

Hi all of you #realworldsex lovers!

 Let us begin with a word of thanks for a hot, hot, HOT welcome by the MLNP community. Without a doubt we have come to the right place and we feel like we have finally arrived! And we have been busy at making more love and more movies so we can continue to grow this beautiful new relationship.

 The idea for “Morning Glory (Preludes)” started with the first ever sex scene we recorded last year when one night we decided to have some fun and dusted off the old digital Elf and even older tripod. The scene was very sexy, but the lighting sucked ass (and that’s Rick’s job!) so while we still watch it fondly it’s not up to par to be shared with anyone. So when we found ourselves sans kids one bright weekday morning we knew this had to be tried again. What resulted was a series of lovely frames capturing the foreplay and lovemaking session that eventually moves from the kitchen to the bed and we gladly take turns giving and receiving pleasure until the final dissolution…



Having shared one movie with rave reviews we didn’t want to rest on the laurels and took it to the next level. More cameras, more angles, more frames. One of the main ideas we had was a ceiling mounted rig we devised for use with our cell phones or the main camcorder. The results exceeded our expectations. Needless to say we are very proud of the second movie and I hope you all like it too!

 What I want to talk about is how the process of making steamy videos (we have one more already shot and next in line for editing, and another brewing in our heads already) has enriched our sex life. It was far from boring to begin with, but making movies led us to total sexplosion.


We think about sex a lot more, we talk about it more often and we bounce ideas off of each other.  We discuss our boundaries, what we are comfortable showing and our overall feelings about the process and the total enjoyment of it. We feel like we are in the secret club of some sort and it gives us a thrill each time we turn the camera on to record something.

Incidentally when we are making love off camera I find myself more and more often thinking “oh, this would look great from above” or “we have to do this again on camera!”. The camera awareness is slowly getting meshed into the lovemaking and that means we are getting a lot of really nice looking scenes almost effortlessly. Almost.

 Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.47.24 PM

Then there’s the editing, which roughly 2 months ago I had no idea how to do, I didn’t even know I had the basic Windows Movie Maker on my laptop. In the beginning it felt a bit awkward but I am decent at learning new tools and I quickly got a basic understanding of how to move around the program. With this second movie I really had fun and while it took a long time to cut it into the final shape, the process also taught me a few shortcuts which I hope to perfect with all the future creations. Overall I think I am enjoying the power (MWAHAHAHAHA) but I still welcome input from Rick (any INPUT), which really helps keeping the final result balanced and one we can both be proud of.


Finally I want to mention where my head really has been with regards to recording most intimate moments of our lives and sharing it online. It is and always will be a form of artistic expression no different than a painting or a love song or a contemporary dance routine.

We feel like we have all these “words” or “moves” that need to be shared with others so they too can be inspired to make beautiful love to each other, whether anyone will see it or not. In a sense we are creating a new Kama Sutra for the modern world using the tools of the new age. Because writing a book would not cut it anymore, would it?

 With some encouragement from our lovely curators I started a blog  and opened a new gmail account at which we will welcome any comment so if you want to drop us a line please don’t be shy 😉 We’re definitely not!

We absolutely LOVE Rickat, and are sure that you do too! Check out their stunning brand new video and make sure you don’t miss out on their sizzling MLNP debut!

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