Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

“Honestly, I believe I just had the first guilt-free sexual experience I’ve had in I don’t know how long”

At MLNP, we absolutely adore hearing from our wonderful community! We recently got this email from a MLNP member and loved it so much, we had to share it with you!

“I almost never write feedback to generic email addresses, but when a person encounters a genius idea superbly executed, which also is personally helpful to him in an extraordinary way, he ought to express his gratitude — so thank you!

Honestly, I believe I just had the first guilt-free sexual experience I’ve had in I don’t know how-long and, even though I am struggling with how sad I am that my activity in that regard is solo (or has been for several years), I must say that the feeling of freedom from self-denigration in the aftermath of my experience was as orgasmic as the orgasm itself was.

My gratitude goes beyond my personal experience (and beyond anything having to do with sex), for I must say how encouraged and hopeful it makes me feel to see a human (involving all aspects of humanness, from animal to spiritual) and humane (loving, compassionate, egalitarian, healthful, etc.) endeavor operating in the real world with the kind of power that actually might shift the center of gravity — in any domain of activity — toward all that is nourishing about human nature (e.g., cooperation, communal ownership) and away from all that is destructive (e.g., violence, greed). “

If you ever want to share your thoughts with us, please do! Getting feedback like this is what keeps us going, and you’ll totally make our day. You can email us anytime at or You can read more emails like this in the #realworldinbox section of our blog!

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