Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Make2019LoveNotPorn – MLNP’s 2019 Year In Review

Thanks to YOU the #SocialSexRevolution is growing!

In 2019, MLNP had one million visitors, and almost one new #socialsex video submission a day…

With our 50/50 revenue share, this means our MLNPstars earned $$$! In 2020… you could too! Do you have a resolution to try something new, improve your relationship, or get a side hustle? Consider being a MLNPstar!

From all our #socialsex videos submitted, your fellow member’s favorite #realworldsex tags to watch, and our MLNPstar’s favorite #realworldsex styles to film, were #blowjob and #frontdoor! Together – all around the world – you all watched twice as many minutes of #realworldsex as you did in 2018!

All you #metime watchers, #wetime sharers, and all you in between… we’re immensely grateful for your support of MLNP. And so excited to see where the #SocialSexRevolution goes in 2020 with your help!

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