Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

Hello world!

Written by Cindy Gallop

We’ve arrived (at last!) at the _bare_bones_beta_ of

It’s been very, very difficult just getting to here. This is the startup the world didn’t want you to have. Because – shock horror! – we’re about SEX. And – cover your eyes! – we have ‘PORN’ in our name (even though we’re called MakeLoveNOTPorn).  Software companies wouldn’t work with us.  Banks wouldn’t let us bank with them. Payment processors sent us packing.

And yet:   people responded in droves to my TED talk and to, saying, ‘Yes, PLEASE’ to an honest, open dialogue around sex and porn as default sex education. That was what inspired me to take MakeLoveNotPorn forwards in a new iteration designed to make #realworldsex socially acceptable and socially shareable; to build a platform and tools to be sexual social currency, to achieve the one thing we’d like everyone to do when it comes to #realworldsex – talk about it. To each other. While you’re having it. While you’re not.  Openly, honestly, in a way that will improve everybody’s sex lives, and lives generally.

I want to thank all of you who welcomed MakeLoveNotPorn, who wrote to me to thank me for that first, very basic website, and who told me how necessary this initiative was – because it was you who kept this tiny, bootstrapping band of unruly nerds going as we struggled through every obstacle society could throw at us.

What also kept us going was the phenomenal support we’ve received from the porn industry.  Porn performers and creators who came across reached out to me to say how much they loved what we are trying to do and wanted to help.  I am very grateful to my friends in porn for the support they’ve given us along the way.

A word on’s  business model: we believe everyone should realize the value of what they create. I feel particularly strongly about this because my background is theater and advertising: two industries where ideas and creativity are massively undervalued, even by the creators themselves. Anyone who creates something that gives other people pleasure deserves to see a financial return. So operates a circular ecosystem:

Half of what you pay to rent each #realworldsex video, net a small amount to cover hosting/bandwidth/transaction fees, goes to its creator(s). The more a video is enjoyed, the more its creators stand to make. If you want to watch videos for free, easy: just contribute your own #realworldsex videos, and use what’s paid into your account to rent and enjoy someone else’s videos in turn.

We are deeply grateful for the pioneering spirit of all of our charter member #makelovenotpornstars.  To anyone who might find fault with our first ‘edition’ at launch as being too ‘heteronormative’, rest assured that we’ve got greater diversity in the works – and that we’ll be looking to you to keep things as richly diverse on as they are in real life. is an experiment, flowing directly out of the extraordinary response to  The YouPorn generation knows they also need to be the MakeLoveNotPorn generation. Actually, every generation needs to be the MakeLoveNotPorn generation. ☺

So if you too are pro-sex, pro-porn, pro-knowing the difference – please join us. Submit, rent, earn, play, share – and enjoy!

Cindy, Sarah, Michael, Corey, Daniel and Oonie & the extended band of unruly nerds who  helped make it all happen

4 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Thomas Wonsetler

    Thank you for what I hope turns out to be and remain what the world needs ! Tasteful, love based, morally uplifting nonporn ! We need lots more of this ! ! ! Thx ! ! !


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