Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

At MLNP, you decide how little or how much exposure you want is all about celebrating and showcasing the #realworldsex everyday people have in their everyday lives. Most of our MLNPstars are folks who’d never filmed themselves having sex before hearing about MLNP and its mission, let alone thought about uploading sex videos to the interwebs. And so, to respect our MLNPstars privacy and boundaries – and to let sharing your #realworldsex truly be about pressure-free sexual exploration – how you choose to share your #realworldsex on is totally up to you.

Our MLNPstars are always given the option to remain totally anonymous. So, if you’re super into sexual liberation but not so much into showing off that pretty mug of yours, we’re all for wearing masks, and keeping faces in shadow or out of frame.

Another thing we’re all for is taking down your videos the minute you don’t want them up anymore. In the #realworld, people’s lives change and romantic relationships end, and so we’re committed to a no questions asked, ‘change of heart’ policy, where the second you decide you don’t want people around the world seeing your #morningsex anymore we take it down as quickly as possible.

Equally, we have just as many MLNPstars who are happy to show their faces, which is great, because we love to celebrate our MLNPstars and to put them forward for partnerships like the #realworldsex video sex toy reviews we recently did with Refinery29, where five MLNPstars (couples and singles) tried out brand new sex toys for the very first time on camera.

We also relish the chance to spread the word about how much we adore our MLNPstars via our frequent media coverage, like in the recent HBO docu-series, Sex On //, which profiled MLNP in a segment that rocketed site traffic and in particular brought plenty of new fans to the MLNPstars who appeared in the program.


The more comfortable you are showing your faces and talking about sharing your #realworldsex on MLNP, the easier it is for us to promote you and the wonderful and important contribution you make to our site. For example, creative millennial MLNPstars, Colin/Gray, have always been thrilled about us getting their names out there, which has led not only to their being part of our Refinery29 partnership, but also to coverage on Bustle, .Mic and Slutever, along with their own featured edition, MakeColin/GrayLoveNotPorn.

As a result of the positive experience they’ve had with and the publicity and fans they’ve gained, Colin/Gray have recently begun planning to take things to the next level by becoming affiliates of Good Vibrations and by submitting to other ethical sex video sites like I feel Myself and Beautiful Agony. We’re thrilled about this, because we want MLNP to create new possibilities for our attention seeking MLNPstars, while at the same time protecting the anonymity of those who would prefer to have their identities remain wholly or partially concealed.

As Gray of Colin/Gray puts it,

“MLNP is a very supportive, caring community that has never stopped promoting our work. We love the team at MLNP and the viewers who rent our videos. Together you make our experience with filming our fun, quirky, creative, steamy sex really exciting and fulfilling.”

And, by the way, there are still plenty of ways to get a little (or a lot) of attention and promote yourself, while still remaining anonymous:


  • AllenandtheJean have over 10K followers on twitter without ever having shown their full faces in their #realworldsex videos or the thousands of photos they’ve shared with their adoring fans. By obscuring their faces in their videos, they were able to participate in HBO’s Sex On // while still remaining mysterious.



  • Speaking of blogging, Rickat share lots of additional shots and musings on theirs, and have recently agreed to appear – masked – in an online mini-documentary about their experiences as MLNPstars!


  • MLNPstars Efi & Walter also regularly update their blog and twitter with pics from their sexy adventures and culinary explorations while generally shying away from big mainstream media coverage.



  • And, finally, some MLNPstars like WeMegiddoStyle are happy to share their intro videos on our YouTube channel but prefer to cherry pick the press they participate in, like Sex On// and the NYC PFF.

As you can see, it’s completely up to our MLNPstars to decide how much or how little exposure they’d like both on MLNP and in the press we receive. While at the moment, MLNP is tiny and bootstrapping, we’re actively working to raise funding to be able to build, market and grow our platform to the point where our MLNPstars will be as famous and celebrated as YouTube stars for the same reasons –  their authenticity, individuality, realness – and make just as much money. Our goal is to one day have your #realworldsex video reach 1 million rentals, and at $5 per rental with us giving you half that income, well, we’ll all be laughing. In the meantime – and when our golden YouTube level moment comes – we’re ready, willing, and eager to promote and celebrate our MLNPstars any way we can, and of course, always with permission.

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