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MLNPstars LoveandLasagna are starting a new chapter in their relationship and want you to be part of it!

Written by Miel of MLNPstars LoveandLasagnaOriginally published under the title “Fear and loathing on the road.”

Imagine you’ve been awake for more than 12 hours sitting on the back of a SUV watching the colors of the sky and the plants on the road change, being transformed into new ones. And when you turn to the mirror on a bathroom inside a mini market in the middle of nowhere…. that magnificent constant, impotent evolution you perceived before is being projected in fast forward on an infinite loop inside your pupils.  That’s what happened to me this past two weeks Mini and I went on a road trip from Las Vegas, Nevada to Austin, Texas.

So, to get you in the context, we had some troubles that were bothering us for a while, and that were not discussed before this trip. And so we were having a nice ride on an emotional roller coaster during this time.

We started in Las Vegas because we were interested in the Life Is Beautiful Festival, and such was that curiosity, we decided to buy tickets to this year’s edition. Las Vegas was a shock for me because of the contrast between the almost forgotten old downtown and the new heart of the city (the grown up Disney version). The sight that impressed me the most was seeing all those old people wasting their last breaths in front of awful slot machines, inhaling that cheap-scented air conditioning that’s on every casino.

When Las Vegas was finished with us the road trip, and the loneliest part of the trip, began. We spent an accumulate of approximately 36 hours on the road. Spending time with others inside a car doesn’t always mean to feel –or even be– in their company. During that time I decided to dive into myself and make a quick recount of the actions, feelings, desires and needs I have in order to evolve into a better and future version of myself (from I point of view, that is). And so I did. Seeing one’s self for the first time can’t be better described as Michael Ende does in The Never Ending Story. After discovering more than I could carry on my language, a new inner trip began; one that will continue for a while…

Head to LoveandLasagna’s own blog to read the rest about their journey! You can watch the passionate video that they’re talking about right here!

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